Update – Beck Reveals Pharrell Collaboration on Upcoming Album

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Jenny Eliscu reports
in her Billboard cover story that Beck’s as yet untitled second 2014 album is being pieced together “with a series of high-profile collaborators, including Pharrell Williams.”  No due date is set, though Beck has his eye on a September release and confirms to Jenny it will be out this year “time willing.”
More updates on Beck’s next album are here.


We’ve already previewed Morning Phase with song streams, the cover and tracklist and Beck quoted at length on the making of the album, his back injury, Sea Change comparisons, recording at Jack White’s Third Man Records and more. Now we’re taking a look at Beck’s second album of 2014.  Unlike the country-folk, mostly acoustic Morning Phase, out February 25, Beck’s next record is planned to be a more lively follow-up tentatively set for a fall release.  Based on Beck’s description, it appears to be shaping up in the vein of Odelay. Beck has spoken about this plan in several recent interviews, compiled below:

‘I’m just beginning,’ Beck says of his workload [including two 2014 albums, stand-alone singles and possibly a Song Reader compilation]. ‘I have some time to make up for.'”
Rolling Stone

Beck will release a second, as yet unnamed album in 2014 (which he remains evasive about, save to say that it’s “not of a piece” with Morning Phase) and there are plans to release more of those one-off singles…. ‘because I have another record coming, I’m not sure how much touring I’ll be doing for this one.'”

I haven’t quite finished [my next album]. I’ve been touring the last couple of months. But I’d say it’s finding its legs. For that one, I’m thinking more about the live show, which is more about energy. It’s a lot more up.
-Beck to Uncut

“It’s still in flux. I’m thinking about the live show, a certain energy. That’s a whole other kind of writing – and difficult to do. You’re writing for a studio environment that is the antithesis of where the song is going to live.”
-Beck to Rolling Stone

“It’ll be quite different to this record. I actually have enough left over, too, for a record that I would say is more folk – but I don’t think I’ll put that out yet. Maybe I’ll wait another year, for that. But I do want to put out something that is a lot more up, and energetic, and melodic.
-Beck to Clash

Some [of his still unreleased material] are experimental and abrasive.  I did play them to record companies, but then I figured I could keep those songs for myself.'”
-Beck to Mojo


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