Most Anticipated Record Store Day Releases

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Who would have imagined that you’d need a Record Store Day? Back in the day, every day was record store day if you go to a record store.  Now it’s a very strange phenomenon — ‘ooh there’s one day where you go to the records store,” Wayne Coyne mused to Spinner three years ago.

Since then, Record Store Day has only become more of a phenomenon, as Coyne and his fellow Lips have become its unofficial “ambassadors.”  The band became the stars of the music-lovers holiday in 2010 with the vinyl release of The Flaming Lips and Stardeath and White Dwarfs with Henry Rollins and Peaches Doing The Dark Side of the Moon.  They followed that with 2011’s Heady Nuggs: First 5 Warner Bros. Records and last year’s Heady Fwends (a collaborative double LP featuring Ke$ha, Bon Iver, Tame Impala, Yoko Ono and others) and “A Spoonful Weighs a Ton” “baby pink” split 7″ (with metal titans Mastodon covering the song for the B-side).

On Record Store Day most bands reissue classic albums on vinyl or create limited edition 7″s – like the Lips and Stardeath’s split single with The Black Keys in 2009 (tying into Warner Brother’s Covered: A Revolution In Sound comp and book by re-invented Madonna’s “Borderline,” and Captain Beefheart’s “Her Eyes Are a Blue Million Miles”).  Since 2010 however the Lips have raised the bar by releasing special multi-vinyl sets and entire, new albums!

This year the Lips are releasing perhaps their most ambitious set yet: Zaireeka – the album  infamously issued in 1997 on four CDs designed to be played simultaneously using four separate stereo systems – re-released in a deluxe 4 vinyl package.  Yes, that requires four record players to hear in full.  It’s not a new idea – the group’s visual media expert George Salisbury mentioned it on their message board several years ago – just one of the least likely of the Lips’ many far-fetched schemes to actually become reality.  “You want to be in the here and now thinking about the future and not the past,” Coyne explained to earlier this year. “Luckily, the Flaming Lips have been around 30 years this year and part of our time is spent constantly and luckily revisiting these older records.”

This year’s “official ambassador” for Record Store Day however is – the man who has done more in the last decade to change the public perception of vinyl than arguably anybody else – Jack White.  In February’s announcement rationaled: “Owns a record store. CHECK. Heads a record label. CHECK. Makes all kinds of records. CHECK. We can think of no one better [than Jack White] to fly the flag for Record Store Day 2013, can you?

As ambassador, Jack is reissuing the White Stripes’ Elephant for its tenth anniversary, and hosting performances by Karen Elson and Mark Watrous at his Third Man Records store.   Jack is also unveiling the Third Man Recording Booth, “a refurbished 1947 Voice-o-Graph machine that records up to 2 minutes of audio and dispenses a one-of-a-kind 6″ phonograph disc to the user. Whether it be a song, a message to a lover, an audio postcard or just the curiosity of a process that has mystified so many folks for ages.”  This will be the only booth of its kind currently “operational and open to the public.”

Read more about this “arcade staple through the middle of the 20th century and famously used by Martin Sheen’s character in the film Badlands” and Third Man’s “custom-printed envelopes and postage stamps” and “photo booth” “to make it extra specialhere and here.

In one of my final acts as Record Store Day ambassador,” Jack White (half-joking) declared, “I encourage everyone who comes to the Third Man Record Store in Nashville to be able to hear themselves on a vinyl record, and maybe even mail it to someone they love.  Actively venturing to your local record shop is one of those honors and privileges in this life that we just shouldn’t take for granted. Certain beautiful experiences can only happen in the environment of a record store and I just thought that nothing could drive that point home more than a one-of-a-kind machine that lets you not only record your own vinyl record, but send it to anyone, anywhere in the world to share a song, poem, or private message with.”

Founded in 2007, Record Store Day has rapidly grown to be a much-anticipated annual tradition for music fans and vinyl collectors.  This year there’s over 350 releases – compared to just 10 at the first event in 2008.  Annual vinyl sales have risen in each of the last five years, outpacing digital sales growth in 2012 with a 17.7% increase (4.55 million units total according to Nielsen SoundScan via Billboard).  “Phish reissuing Lawn Boy, that’s a big deal to fans,” Record Store Day co-founder Michael Kurtz previewed to USA Today. “Paul McCartney’s original promotional recording of Maybe I’m Amazed is meant to be a gift to fans.” Record Store Day isn’t limited to records though – there’s also special CDs and cassettes.  In all, 7 million units (mostly vinyl) are expected to sell this  Saturday.

Below is a list of the four dozen most anticipated releases.  Complete details for all special releases and live performances hosted by participating shops (Feelies, Quasi, Wavves, Ghosty, Matt and Kim, Pissed Jeans, Silversun Pickups, Paramore, etc) are here and here.

Mercury Rev Record Store Day LP

  • Mercury Rev: Deserted Songs – outtakes and demos remastered from original sources, pressed on white and clear vinyl; with rare photos and new liner notes by Jonathan Donahue and Grasshopper.  “As we pulled these Deserted Songs to the surface,” Grasshoper writes, “whatever had been holding us hostage cracked and withered in the blistering power of this music, and these songs allowed us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time… It is the magic of the vibrating universe; the music of the ‘Angels’.”
    1. Piano vs. Telephone (Home Cassette Demo)
    2. Pick Up, If You’re There (Nickel B. 1998 Remix)
    3. Endlessly (Tascam 8-Track Reel to Reel Demo)
    4. A Soft Kiss (For Waking Up) (Home Cassette Demo)
    5. Tonite It Shows (Tascam 8-Track Reel to Reel Demo)
    6. Looking Back Now, I Can See (Unreleased Mix)
    7. Opus 40 (Early Rough Version)
    8. Hudson Line (Early Rough Version)
    9. Judging By The Moon (Cassette Tape Player Demo)
    10. Goddess On A Hiway (1989 Home Cassette Demo)
    11. Night On Panther Mountain (Unreleased Mix)

Follow Record Store Day updates (such as Spinner’s New York RSD Meetup with prizes including Floyd’s ‘Dark Side’ on 180-gram vinyl, Paul Simon’s ‘Graceland’ box,  a $50 gift certificate and more) all day April 20th at twitter/TheFutureHeart.

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