Beck, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Dead And Co, The Roots, Chili Peppers, Death Cab, Morrissey, Guns N’ Roses And The Cure Inspired New ‘Garbage Pail Kids’ Stickers

Topps trading cards is commemorating this summer’s music fest season with a set of American As Applie Pie stickers: ten acts you might have seen headlining a festival this year as Garbage Pail Kids. Each of these artists inspired two stickers: Beck (“Decked Beck” and “Hammy Hansen”), Dead and Company (“Bob Weird” and “John Slayer”), Radiohead (“Radio Dead” and “Tortured Thom”), The Roots (“Tree Roots” and “Quest Shrub”), Morrissey (“Meaty Morrissey” and “Sacrilege Smith”), Arcade Fire (“Arcade Fired” and “Lose Butler”), Red Hot Chili Peppers (“Fiery Flea” and “Affably Anthony”), Death Cab for Cutie (“Death Cab For Frontman” and “Bashed Ben”), Guns N’ Roses (“Overworked Axl” and “Gunnin’ For Rose”) and The Cure (“Crying Cure” and “Sobbing Smith”). Click on any of the links in the last sentence to purchase that sticker pair, or click here for the complete set.








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