Fleetwood Mac ‘Alternate Mirage’ LP And Stevie Nicks ‘Rarities’ 10-Inch Out April 22nd

Among the most anticipated Record Store Day 2017 releases are a new LP from Fleetwood Mac and a 10-inch EP from Stevie Nicks. Alternate takes from Fleetwood Mac’s Mirage will be released as a LP on Record Store Day. Although they were previously issued on CD 2 of last year’s Mirage deluxe edition, this will be their first time on vinyl, and first time issued as a stand-alone album on any format. Likewise, demos, early takes and live versions previously only available on the deluxe editions of Stevie Nicks debut and sophomore solo albums – 1981’s Bella Donna and 1983’s The Wild Heart – will be collected on a new 10″ vinyl compilation titled Rarities. Two songs recorded by Stevie Nicks for soundtracks are also included: “Blue Lamp” from Heavy Metal and “Sleeping Angel” from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. The vinyl cover art and tracklists of each are below.

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Alternate Mirage Tracklist

Side A
1. Love In Store (Early Version)
2. Suma’s Walk aka Can’t Go Back (Outtake)
3. That’s Alright (Alternate Take)
4. Book of Love (Early Version)
5. Gypsy (Early Version)
6. Only Over You (Alternate Version)

Side B
1. Empire State (Early Version)
2. Straight Back (Original Vinyl Version)
3. Hold Me (Early Version)
4. Oh Diane (Early Version)
5. Eyes of the World (Alternate Early Version)
6. Wish You Were Here (Alternate Version)

Rarities Tracklist

Side A
1 Bella Donna (demo)
2 Edge of Seventeen (early take)
3 After The Glitter Fades (Live 1982)

Side B
1 Wild Heart (Session)
2 Blue Lamp (from Heavy Metal soundtrack)
3 Sleeping Angel (from the Fast Times at Ridgemont High soundtrack)

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