Flaming Lips Gummy Skulls Out Today!

 What Does a Gummy Skull Sound Like???   
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Brand New Flaming Lips Songs

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“We do not know if anyone will be there, if anyone will care, if anyone will buy them, if anyone will like the music…”
-Wayne Coyne, in his car on April 20th on the way to delivering the first ever gummy skulls…

CDs are ancient.

Vinyl is making a comeback, but…
…well, you know

Forget MP3s, WMAs or even AACs (Advanced Audio Coding)… the music format of the future is…
                     (drum roll please):

…gummy skulls?!

The Flaming Lips released new music today, April 20th, on a USB flash drive inside of a seven pound skull made of edible gummy gook (the kind used for gummy bears and worms, etc).  Don’t expect to find it in the music section of your local Wal-Mart though.  As of the first day it’s only available in Norman/Oklahoma City’s Guestroom Records, where Wayne Coyne personally delivered five skulls at 4:20 this afternoon with promises of hug and kiss all buyers“.  Not only did those five quickly sell out, but Wayne twice left to get more…

Although no other stores have been announced yet UPDATE – The gummy skulls have sold, or are announced to be sold, at precious few stores.  This situation might end up similar to last month’s Neon Indian 12″ vinyl release – also originally available only at Guestroom and then – slowly – in limited quantities at other fine record stores throughout the country (listed here).  The steep price tag this time – the skulls are $150 – may mean less demand than the Neon Indian records though, and thus less supply and fewer shops stocking them.  This doesn’t seem the case though based on first day sales.

For those of you balking at the cost (I know, I feel your pain too) consider this perspective from Wayne in the current issue of Entrepreneur magazine – which boasts him on the cover, “Everything we do tells the audience ‘We love you.’ The money that listeners spend goes back into us making all these things. You could easily say that money feeds all of this exploding, uncertain creativity. Without our audience, I wouldn’t have the life I have. And I try to take full advantage every day to do something with it.”

Also consider that within hours of the first gummy skulls selling, the songs it contains – which Wayne calls “some of the best music that we’ve ever done” – were streaming at youtube.com/psychexfutureheart.  Thousands of people heard the new tracks within a day of it being released at no cost to them – but only with $150 can you get the full experience: meeting Wayne, having him personalize a message and autograph your skull box, getting all touchey-feeley with your prized possession…  and a stomach ache.

There are four new Lips songs inside the gummy skull: 1. “Drug Chart” 2. “In Our Bodies Out of Our Heads” 3. “Walk With Me” 4. “Hillary’s Time Machine Machine”

NOTE: the gummy skulls pictured above, previously tweeted by Wayne Coyne, are proto-types.  The actual skulls for sale do not look quite like that.

Listen to the band explain the skull and their other 2011 projects in the video above, then watch Wayne deliver them in the video below followed by more pictures from the Guestroom gathering, the skull’s specially designed box (via a tweet from the Lips visual content collaborator George Salisbury) signed by Wayne, skull pictures and more…



Flaming Lips 2011 - April 1.jpg

… Now, let the 4/20 Lips jokes begin…

As always, you can follow updates on all of this and more at twitter.com/FutureHeartDay….


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