Flaming Lips Release “Space Oddity” Video

Update – April 15th
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The Flaming Lips have covered David Bowie numerous times throughout their career, most recently with two all Bowie sets in the wake of his passing and at the all-star “Music of David Bowie” tributes at Carnegie Hall and Radio City Music Hall. Their latest Bowie tribute is a music video for their cover of “Space Oddity” that according to frontman Wayne Coyne “comes out on iTunes Friday [April 15, 2016] along with a kind-of LIVE recording of the song..” 

The video was filmed on March 26th in Oklahoma City’s Crestwood Vineyard church, with a graveyard shoot following on April 5th.It has 2 nuns in it,” Coyne explained on Instagram. “One is very sad and her friend helps her through it. She takes her protein pills and begins to feel better..
. . . A giant blue laser shoots through me and through the church.” Dave Fridmann “badass [mega-mixed]” the track at his Tarbox Road Studio on April 7th.

The Flaming Lips were scheduled to perform – and in fact did tape – “Space Oddity” on the March 30th episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert but were bumped for a last minute appearance by Elizabeth Warren. That performance will air next Tuesday night, April 19th. (Yep, by the time it broadcasts it will be after midnight . . . and thus 4/20). Chewbacca and a NASA astronaut may also appear…

Check out more behind-the-scenes in The Flaming Lips instagrams compiled below:

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