‘The Music of David Bowie’ Carnegie Hall Memorial Concert Instagram Recap

It was an all-star evening yesterday at Michael Dorf and City Winery’s annual Carnegie Hall tribute concert, this year honoring David Bowie whose recent passing transformed the evening into a moving memorial of sorts. In 2016 all-star evenings produce all-star Instagram posts…

…thus this post, a recap of what went down from the artists’ points of view and who took a selfie with who.

This was a special show for several reasons, one being that Bowie had a bit of a history with Carnegie Hall having played it twice for Philip Glass’ Tibet House Benefit and – according to Spiders From Mars drummer Woody Woodmansey – at his first American concert with the the early ’70s group. It had also benefitted from crucial Bowie collaborator Tony Visconti’s involvement: Visconti was the event’s musical director and played with Holy Holy  (Visconti’s group with Woody Woodmansey) as the house band (more details have been previously discussed here). Another reason: although there have been no shortage of Bowie tributes in recent months, this was the first all-star concert of this sort featuring several artists Bowie himself championed, The Pixies for instance. (In a-round-about-way Bowie had a connection to Chewbacca too, the Star Wars character that helped The Flaming Lips perform “Life on Mars” last night – see photo above.)

And so, here they are: the photographs of the evening as taken and shared by Joey Santiago (Pixies), Robyn Hitchcock, Wayne Coyne (Flaming Lips), Michael Stipe, Cat Power, Blondie, J Mascis and others:

Bowie tribute. #carnigiehall

A post shared by Joey Santiago (@joeyalbertosantiago) on

I'm thrilled to be representing London at the David Bowie tribute show at Carnegie Hall tonight.

A post shared by Robyn Hitchcock (@robynhitchcockofficial) on

Carnegie Hall Tonight 😁😁😁 #FlamingLips

A post shared by Spaceface (@spacefacemusic) on

…. Yep

A post shared by Wayne Coyne (@waynecoyne5) on

SEAN LENNON !!! Awesome sweet music man!!! @sean_ono_lennon

A post shared by @ michaelstipe on

Michael Stipe and D last night at #carnegiehall Bowie tribute @michaelstipe

A post shared by Blondie (@blondieofficial) on

Here's the moment said exchange occurred.. #JohnDarnielle #TheMountainGoats

A post shared by Derek Brown (@derek_levi_brown) on

Sound checking at Carnegie Hall… Insane. ❤️🐥

A post shared by Matt Duckworth (@rockworth) on

JOSEPH ARTHUR & DANNY CLINCH !!! @joseph_arthur @dannybones64

A post shared by @ michaelstipe on

A post shared by Joseph Arthur (@joseph_arthur) on

A post shared by Joseph Arthur (@joseph_arthur) on

This woman!

A post shared by trudy feikert (@trudymade) on

The Mountain Goats With Robyn Hitchcock.

A post shared by trudy feikert (@trudymade) on

J and @sean_ono_lennon at @carnegiehall tribute to @davidbowie #quicksand

A post shared by J Mascis (@jmascis) on

This one 💛 I love you so @paz_lenchantin

A post shared by CAT POWER (@catpowerofficial) on

"Can you heeeeeeaaaaaar?" 📷: @jkravitzphoto @musicof

A post shared by Choir! Choir! Choir! (@choirchoirchoir) on

this just happened !!!!

A post shared by Choir! Choir! Choir! (@choirchoirchoir) on

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