“Capt Yeah & The Funny Bird” Pt. 1 Out Now -Andrew Pawley Launches Shirt Kickstarter

In book one of Andrew Pawley’s Captain Yeah! cosmic comic series our hero traveled through fictional universes inspired by Flaming Lips lyrics. Next the Captain rescued Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker from some multi-verse bummers in the first chapter of book two, then came back to save MGMT – intergalactic custodians of a stellar-nursery that are transformed into rock stars as the fabric of existence ‘discord’ disrupts reality. In chapter three, Captain Yeah rides a wave of music from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, to square up to the mighty fear. Which brings us to the latest chapter in book two, “Captain Yeah and The Funny Bird” – inspired by Mercury Rev and their Deserter’s Songs classic. Ever imaginative, Andrew drew this comic to read from the bottom of the page up! In this way the reader can travel up with Captain Yeah! as he climbs the Tree Of Knowledge!

Andrew has also launched a kickstarter campaign to spread love and awesome cosmic vibes through the medium of homemade screen printed t-shirts and posters! Donations will go to Andrew setting up a screen printing workshop in his garage. Andrew explains, “each time I post a picture on the ol’interweb loads of really great people ask Can I get that as a t-shirt?'” And at the moment I just have to reply ‘Sorry, but no!’ and that really bums me out. I’ve made t-shirts before, my great friends over at Fakebum.com have made some of my designs but I’d really like to get my hands dirty and do it myself!! So the whole point of this kick-starter is to produce a set of screen printed t-shirts to sell to the good freaks of this world and set me up for many new designs in the future!

Click here to visit Andrew’s kickstarter. Some of the items available to pledgers are pictured below.

Click here to read the beginning of this chapter now. The rest of the story will unfold in a series of subsequent posts. Follow Andrew on twitter @DrewDrewcito for the latest.

T-shirt Design
Wayne Or Steven!

An Epic Large Canvas Taking Shape

An example of a mixed medias canvas from the pledge rewards

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