What To Expect At Halloween Blood Bath?

Wayne Coyne dressed up as Stephen King’s “Carrie”? Miley Ray Cyrus piggybacked on a grizzly bear dousing the frontman with a bucket of pig’s blood? Steven Drozd playing bass with Tame Impala during soundcheck? Stage crew in nun, scientist and dinosaur costumes? The Flaming Lips with Kevin Parker covering 1978’s Halloween movie theme? Red confetti? Red balloons?
Still more blood…

Recent tweets from the band and Tuesday’s L.A. Blood Bath warm-up for Halloween suggest some of the spectacles the Lips may have planned for tonight.  See the twitter teases and photos from the Los Angeles Greek Theatre show below (more photos are here, here, here, here and here; LA Weekly’s review is here; Grimy Goods’ is here):


…so maybe it wasn’t real blood and Miley didn’t come after all. But a look-alike Cyrus covered “Carrie” Coyne in red goo at the start of the Greek show nonetheless.  Proving it was a sight to be seen, Huffington Post includes a shot of Wayne from Tuesday in this week’s “Most Breathtaking Photos From Around The World” feature.  What surprises do the Lips have for tonight?

UPDATE – Details and tons of photos from San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium Halloween Blood Bath are here and a recap of November 1st’s Blood Bath at Santa Barbara Bowl (including video of Wayne Coyne fronting Tame Impala on “Are You a Hypnotist?” while Steven Drozd played drums) is here.

Another clue of what might happen at the Halloween Blood Bath tonight can be found in last night’s Tame Impala set:

As previously discussed here, the Lips covers Tame Impala have played in their recent sets would be perfect for the two bands to perform together. So would their Heady Friends collaboration “Children of the Moon.”  Or “Halloween On The Barbary Coast.”  And there’s the fan suggestions that Wayne Coyne requested on twitter earlier this month:

Which of these will come true?





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