Oddest Musician Appearances in TV History

The Simpsons’ season 24 finale tonight – in which Carl, Homer, Moe, and Lenny travel to Iceland – will features guests Sigur Rós.  “An unprecedented musical collaboration between the show and a band,” Sigur Rós also scored the episode.  Sonic Youth, Phish, David Byrne and Tom Waits are among the dozens of musical guest stars in the show’s history – NRBQ appear in twice – so it’s not as though there’s no series precedent for guests whose music may be little known by many viewers.  Still, it’s odd to think Sigur Rós will be spotlighted in a leading broadcast network primetime show.  Which raises the question:
…what is the oddest pairing of musical artist and television show, ever?


Julianna Hatfield on My So-Called Life, or Chrissie Hynde on Friends? Not so odd.  Patti Smith on Law and Order, David Byrne on Trying Times, Michael Stipe and Iggy Pop on Pete And Pete?  More so.  Below watch unlikely musician guest spots including Frank Zappa on Miami Vice, Bob Dylan on Dharma and Greg, Yoko Ono on Mad About You, The Seeds on Mother’s In Law, The Cramps on 90210, some Flaming Lips – and a couple of commercials for good measure.

Weirder still – Kim Gordon was on both Gossip Girl and Gilmore Girls – the latter with her daughter and (then hubbie) Sonic Youth bandmate Thurston Moore (alongside Yo La Tengo and others).

John Lydon on Judge Judy has to be the oddest of all though.  Judge for yourself…

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