Win Prizes in Holiday Contest

Final day to submit answers extended to December 29th!!

The Future Heart and Dwelling Spaces are hosting a

“Name That Holiday Tune” Game and Contest

Here’s how it worked. Every Monday-Friday for the past two weeks a new video was posted with unidentified holiday music at and in a new post on this blog.

The first contestant…

was awarded one point for each song in the video.  For example, if a video had two songs, the first person to correctly identify both songs received two points.  If the video had four songs, the first person to name all four received four points, and so on…

Since not all videos had the same amount of songs, some contest videos were worth more points than others.  There was no partial credit –  the winner had to correctly name all songs marked to be identified in a given video to receive any points (and do so on this blog, before anyone else).

The tenth and final video contest works a bit different…


This video starts with The Puppini Sisters’ version of “Last Christmas” – then explodes into a mix of segments of various artists playing Christmas standards, including four other versions of “Last Christmas”…

How many artists and tunes can you name in the above video?

E-mail as many of the artists in this video as you can to making sure to name the tunes they perform.

You get one point for every artist you correctly identify, matched with the song they play in this video.  Additionally, for this video only the first ten contestants to correctly name any songs/ artists get additional points.  The first person gets ten points, the second person gets nine additional points and onwards down til the tenth person getting one point

Unlike the previous nine videos you DO NOT have to be the first to identify all the songs to get the points (just one of the first ten to get bonus points).  ALL CONTESTANTS that correctly identify any of the songs in this video will be in the running to win Dwelling Spaces prizes.

Even if you have not won any of the nine previous contests, it is possible to earn enough points this weekend from the final video alone to win a prize!

Since nobody has identified all the artists yet – and the holidays are the most busy-ful time of the year – the deadline has been extended.  Answers must now be received by the end of December 29th at 11:59 PM, pacific time.  Have your friends and family help you at gatherings!!!

Follow twitter/FutureHeartDay for more hints leading up to the new deadline…

If you already submitted answers, you can re-submit (if say, the hints help you realize a song you missed the first time around).  The day and time you originally submitted will be counted (not the re-submitted time).

…and remember you must “like” and for your submission to count.

Later this week the contestant with the most points  from all ten contests combined will choose their prize from the following five options courtesy of Dwelling Spaces:

  • Flaming Lips t-shirt
  • You in Me (Steven Drozd) 7″ single
  • Bigfoot in Oklahoma t-shirt
  • Public Arts Project 66 t-shirt
  • Flaming Lips Hot Sauce: 3 drops of death

The contestant with the second most points will then have their choice of the remaining four prizes. The third place place winner will then choose from the remaining three prizes and so on, such that the five contestants with the most points will each receive one prize. In the event of a tie, additional “overtime” videos will be uploaded.

Note that all prizes can also be purchased from Dwelling Spaces – a freaky shop in Tulsa that is proud to sell exclusive Flaming Lips merch, music oddities and killer Oklahoma flair. All contest music and numerous other Christmas-themed videos can be watched at

Here’s a recap of the contest standings so far:

On day 1 Katie M correctly (and quickly) named the Sufjan Steven and Bjork songs in this video:


On day 2 Katie M correctly (and again, quickly) named the White Stripes and Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ songs in this video:


On day 3 Beth correctly (and also quickly) named The Sonics, Wailers and Galaxies songs in the below video tieing Katie’s four points:


For day 4 Chris named the Low, Sun Hammer, Wooden Shjips and Can versions of these four Christmas traditionals:


For  day 5 Christopher  named the five semi-obscure poppy Christmas originals in this video – giving him 9 points total and putting him in the lead…


On days 6 and 7 Evan named the Oklahoman and outsider musicians in these videos, making him the new leader…


On day 8… Christopher again named the tunes – by Beck and R.E.M. – giving him three more points:


On day 9… Evan again named the tunes – by The Flaming Lips, MGMT and Radiohead – giving him four more points…


Have fun… and happy holidays!


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