Preview: Tame Impala’s Upcoming Third LP Expected Out Within Next Few Months

Everything known about Tame Impala’s new album – expected to be released by spring 2015 – all in one place including timelines of the recording process and new material that’s been debuted live, and a discussion of Kevin Parker’s Michael Jackson-inspired “disco funk” side projects…

Release Updates and Free Downloads from Tame Impala Side Projects Shiny Joe Ryan, Mink Mussel Manticore, and GUM

Before there was Tame Impala, before there was POND, there was some dudes in Perth that liked playing music together that eventually started calling themselves Mink Mussel Creek: Nick Allbrook on vocals, Shiny Joe Ryan on guitar, Steve Summerlin on bass, Richard Ingham on synths and Kevin Parker on drums. Their debut album is finally coming out this June, as are long awaited records from other Tame Impala related artists: GUM and Shiny Joe Ryan.