Watch Tame Impala’s Disco Funk Spin-Off – AAA Aardvark Getdown Services Live at the 2014 Perth International Arts Festival

UPDATE – January 2015 Preview Tame Impala’s third LP – expected to be released by Spring 2015 – including a discussion on the possible relationship between the upcoming album, Mark Ronson’s Uptown Special and Kevin Spacey/ AAA Aardvark Getdown Services.

Earlier this year The Future Heart previewed four albums the members of Tame Impala and sister band Pond are releasing in 2014: GUM (Jay Watson)’s Delorean Highway, Shiny Joe Ryan’s The Cosmic Microwave Background, an Allbrook/ Avery LP recorded with four-fifths of The Horrors and Pond’s long awaited Man, It Feels Like Space Again. That’s in addition to some hints from Kevin Parker that Tame Impala’s highly anticipated third record is on its way. Now comes a twist.

Kevin has been playing shows in a new spin-off group with Tame Impala bandmate Cam Avery and a revolving cast that has included Jay Watson and former Chemist frontman Ben Witt. Referred to as Kevin Spacey, they’ve played three shows so far, though only last night’s at the 2014 Perth International Arts Festival was publicized. The first was July 22, 2013 at the BIRD in Perth; the second December 21, 2013 under the moniker “The Golden Triangle Municipal Funk Band.” Below watch an early version of “Daffodils” from this show, followed by two videos from last night’s performance. The final video captures almost one half hour of the set, in various degrees of quality (note that Kevin isn’t singing live; he’s triggering his pre-recorded vocals from a pad):

Last week Tame Impala referred to AAA Aardvark Getdown Services on their facebook page as “Cam Cam and Kevin’s Groovy Groovy Funtime Disco Funk Elevator Explosion, aka Kevin Spacey In An Elevator, aka Golden Triangle Municipal Funk Band.” The impact this will have on the future of Tame Impala should be interesting to watch unfold.




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