Car Seat Headrest ‘Twin Fantasy’ To Be Released On Vinyl For Record Store Day 2018

Car Seat Headrest will rerelease Twin Fantasy (Mirror To Mirror) as a double LP set on Record Store Day 2018. A Bandcamp favorite – where its been downloaded more than 33 thousand times since its original November 2, 2011 release – this marks its first issue on vinyl. Matador Records will press a limited edition 4000 copies.


Side A

1. My Boy (Twin Fantasy)
2. Beach Life-In-Death

Side B

1. Stop Smoking
2. Sober To Death 3.
Nervous Young Inhumans

Side C

1. Bodys
2. Cute Thing
3. High To Death

Side D

1. Famous Prophets (Minds)
2. Twin Fantasy (Those Boys)

The complete Record Store Day 2018 list is here. More information on this and other Record Store Day items are still to come. Follow updates at twitter/TheFutureHeart and facebook/TheFutureHeart, and in the new Record Releases 2018 Facebook group.

Latest news at twitter/TheFutureHeart and facebook/TheFutureHeart. 


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