New Beck Album Planned For Summer 2017 With “Five Solid Months Touring” To Follow

Update August 2017

 – Beck’s Several Times Delayed 2017 Album Colors
Is Scheduled To Be Released October 13th.

Colors’ tracklist, song previews and lyric samples are here.

Stream “Up All Night” here.

Read an older preview of the album here – including notes about the songs “7th Heaven,” “No Distraction” and “Dear Life.”


  1. Omfg is this EVER going to be released? We’re going to see him in late August and it would be great to listen to this album so it’s not the first time we’re hearing it at the concert. Beck’s music always gets better the more you listen to it. While I’m sure it will be fantastic to hear new songs at the concert, I’d honestly rather hear most of them beforehand. How else are you supposed to sing along?


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