New Flaming Lips/ Miley Cyrus Video Universally Acclaimed

The Flaming Lips long-awaited music video for “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” featuring Miley Cyrus and Moby has premiered on Rolling Stone – except the music has been stripped from the video. Now known as “Blonde SuperFreak Steals the Magic Brain,” critics and fans alike are raving about this surrealist film. Readers of The Independent agree for example that “Miley Cyrus is definitely under some kind of mind control,and now she is even making a video about it-LSD,stolen brains,etc.” See more acclaim below:

Moby in the Miley Cyrus and Flaming Lips videoMiley Cyrus and Flaming Lips video

(Picture: YouTube)(Picture: YouTube)

“…the weirdest, most NSFW video we’ve ever seen

There is even some pink goo that is giving us flashbacks to We Can’t Stop! LOLz!

Miley Cyrus and The Flaming Lips decided to celebrate this mildly strange fondness they have for each other by making a nice video together. Of course, when we say “nice,” we mean that it’s so excessively obtuse that it doesn’t just look like the sort of thing someone would come up with while high on every drug ever, it looks like the sort of thing someone who is high on every drug ever would make to teach kids about how scary drugs are.”
AV Club

“I wish I could even begin to describe what the hell is going on, but all I grasped was a naked blonde girl (hence NSFW) who stole a pink and blue brain from a drugged out Miley… And Moby is behind the whole scheme (yes… Moby. WTF).”

Look: When we heard that Miley Cyrus, The Flaming Lips and Moby all teamed up to star in a short film called “Blonde SuperFreak Steals the Magic Brain,” it’s not like we didn’t expect the end result to be one massive mind-f**k of LSD-inspired nonsense, bright colors, random acts of nudity and trippy-as-hell visuals. And yet, the video is somehow still even weirder than we imagined.”

Miley Cyrus stars in a new video with her pals, The Flaming Lips, and the clip is…

The short film is the stuff of nightmares, but then again, dreams are typically more coherent than a series of random shots of exposed breasts, technicolor acid, mushy brains and the Flaming Lips performing amidst cardboard clouds and rainbows.

Miley Cyrus is definitely the current poster girl of Mind Control in the entertainment industry and there is no lack of material proving it…The cult leader “gains powerful rainbows from hell” which can refer to the fact that handlers traumatize their victims to “go over the rainbow” – a code word for dissociation.
The cult leader enlists a “nympho Manson girl-type blonde superfreak” to steal Miley Cyrus’ brain. The choice of words here is important. “Nympho Manson-girl type blond superfreak” aptly describes a MKULTRA Beta Kitten. The serial killer Charles Manson was both an MK slave and programmer. His “girls” were given great amounts of tinted LSD while being brainwashed and manipulated by him to commit horrific crimes. The words “blonde superfreak nympho” all refer to Beta Programming….This video normalizing the plight of MK slaves was all filmed while Miley was “hospitalized” and bedridden, probable codes for “reprogramming”. This is how the entertainment business spreads its sickness to the entire world.”
The Vigilant Citizen

During a time in which we fantasize about multiple dimensions and the possibly tenuous strength of dimensional barriers . . . and time tunnels to life of other forms, how can this not be, at the very least, a fair-enough effort at some kind of bridge over some of those gaps. Plus, on top of all that, an aptly can’t-help-but-look horrendous portrayal of the ‘woman-forms’ of some geniously unnamed dimension. But, I have quite an imagination. I thought the spacey,instrumental “sound collage” was a good fit for the action. Not that I’d want to watch this again, but I must admit it’s fascinating qualities . . . I must confess I watched the entire video, and still came away impressed- and in mind of a new character- so,awesome. Sci-fi fans probably wouldn’t have such a problem with this. A lot of Flaming Lips fans are freaking out, but that’s because the group’s changed . . . prime time for heightened criticism of all kinds and at any new effort. For anyone freaking out about involvement with Miley, really- you have to get over sour expectations of life. She neither adds nor detracts from the role she filled in this video. Her fame may add elements of feeling or acknowledgement, but that is all.

For me, the feel of the audio in tandem with the surreal video footage definitely lends to an experience of other-worldly [read: mind-bending] perception. Like I said, for sci-fi fans, this can be a nice little usable experience (not that the makers had any intention of this). I suppose, based on your one-dimensional comment, that you are not a sci-fi fan, nor a fan of the arts and culture. So, that leaves you out cold on any perceived idea about me (but thanks for the insinuation), or relevance to me or my comment. Heck, you didn’t even get the basic message of the video despite that it’s written out for you (not so simply, sorry) by Wayne Coyne. Cheers.
Angela T. commenting at Spin

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