Bumper Stickers For Change

Four years ago MTV News reported that whoever won the election would be the first prez with a MySpace page.  How 2008 is that?  Now, for “Decision 2012,” Obama’s (soon to be antiquated) social media campaign is on – Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, Instagram – and on Thursday he hooked us up with his Spotify playlist, via twitter.  Does the leader of the free world (or at least his staff) dig Sugarland? Hip-hop? Al Green?
If we the voters are to grant him a second term, these are the concerns we need addressed, and now we know:
  . . . yes, apparently not and of course (the full mix is listed below).

Still, there has to better way.  We are in the midst of a harsh recession recovery and the first multi-billion dollar Presidential campaign.  The primary debates started over seven months ago (watch them here if you’re so inclined), but – with almost eight months to go – the blue and red war is just beginning to wage.  The Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling and Congress’ failure to enact meaningful campaign finance reform has allowed Super Pacs to spend million of dollars on negative campaigning and the rhetoric on all sides will only build in the next 270 days as the issues are debated: balancing the budget, gay marriage, the employment rate and how to better it, freedom of religion, health care costs, terrorism, social security, education, Afghanistan, financial sector regulations . . .

Here in America people are hungry.  We are divided between restoring the Reagan legacy and a new order of “equality” but one thing is sure: people are ready for change. . .

Forget campaign finance reform – we need a whole new system and surely it should include a sing-off and who can get the most “likes” on Facebook or American Idol-style text votes.  OK, so Obama can impersonate Al Green – but can he match the man, the myth, the Meat.  Wayne Coyne can:

Mr President thinks he is so kwl.  Just check out his jamz…

  • No Doubt – “Different People”
  • Earth Wind & Fire Experience feat. Al McKay Allstars – “Got to Get You Into My Life” (Live)
  • Booker T. & The MG’s – “Green Onions”
  • Wilco – “I Got You”
  • The Impressions – “Keep On Pushing”
  • Jennifer Hudson – “Love You I Do”
  • AgesandAges – “No Nostalgia”
  • Ledisi – “Raise Up”
  • Sugarland – “Stand Up”
  • Darius Rucker – “This”
  • Arcade Fire – “We Used to Wait”
  • Florence + the Machine – “You’ve Got the Love”
  • James Taylor – “Your Smiling Face”
  • REO Speedwagon – “Roll With the Changes”
  • Raphael Saadiq – “Keep Marchin'”
  • Noah and the Whale – “Tonight’s the Kind of Night”
  • Zac Brown Band – “Keep Me in Mind”
  • Aretha Franklin – “The Weight”
  • U2 – “Even Better Than the Real Thing”
  • Dierks Bentley – “Home”
  • Sugarland – “Everyday America”
  • Darius Rucker – “Learn to Live”
  • Al Green – “Let’s Stay Together”
  • Electric Light Orchestra – “Mr. Blue Sky”
  • Montgomery Gentry – “My Town”
  • Ricky Martin – “The Best Thing About Me Is You” (feat. Joss Stone)
  • Ray LaMontagne – “You Are the Best Thing”
  • Bruce Springsteen – “We Take Care of Our Own”

Two Darius Rucker tunes? OK, whatever…


We don’t need  four more years of this… or that

We need a President who is not afraid to speak his mind, or walk over the citizens of this great country in a space bubble. We need to vote for changes – like a VP with the ability to play multiple instruments, simultaneously. We need Wayne Coyne for President with Steven Drozd as his straight man…
… two non-politicians racing for the cure of all American-kind.

Help get Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd elected in 2012…
…with these spiffy bumper stickers!!!

Read more…

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