Can You Name The Four Artists Playing These Three Christmas Standards?

Name That Holiday Tune #4

Every Monday-Friday until Christmas a new video is posted on this blog and at youtube/psychexfutureheart with unidentified holiday music.  If you can name the tunes and the artists performing them in the comment section below before anyone else, you could win cool prizes from Dwelling Spaces.

Today’s video features three different Christmas standards played by four artists.  Can you name them?

More info, rules and prize details are here. Keep an eye on facebook/DwellingSpaces and facebook/TheFutureHeart for hints… …and follow twitter/FutureHeartDay for updates, other hints, and miscellaneous holly jolly…


  1. Agree with Evan….Got the Low song…but without lyrics the other 3 are like finding a needle in a haystack….The titles are guessable…Silent Night and O Christmas Tree (or O Tannenbaum) but no clues as to artists. You did want to make it harder…mission accomplished! Will update if i get any divine inspiration. Thanks for the contest though…and an excellent Xmas Party Playlist!


  2. lol…chipping away….and if i miss the clues for the middle 2, then perhaps this is my Christmas gift to the others blogites….
    1) Low – Little Drummer Boy
    2) ? – Silent Night
    3) ? – O Christmas Tree
    4) Can – Silent Night


  3. Low – Little Drummer Boy
    – Silent Night
    Wooden Shjips – O Tannenbaum
    Can – Silent Night

    I give up on the second one.


  4. Yep. I’m out for the night. I’m sure someone is waiting at their keyboard with baited breath for the last clue to seal the deal. No idea who the second Silent Night is…but the male vocal sounds like Wayne a little, and has a Lipsesque arrangement…mixed with a little Dead Can Dance and Radiohead feel. That’s all i got.
    So I’m going with:
    1) Low – Little Drummer Boy
    2) Wayne Coyne and Yoko Ono (perhaps at their recent collaboration?) – Silent Night
    3) Wooden Shjips – O Tannenbaum
    4) Can – Silent Night


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