PIAPTK Debut CD-Vinyl Hybrid Records

Today PIAPTK Records releases its CD-Record Singles Series on unique “Analog/Digital Hybrid Discs.” The concept is simple (though unique): each disc is a vinyl record on one side, but can be flipped over to be played in a CD player!

All CD-Records come in an Eco-Jacket, and include a custom adapter to fit the center spindle of your record player. All CD-Record singles in the series are limited edition – just 300 copies of each! Order online at piaptk.limitedrun.com.

Artists in the series include:

Jason Lytle (Grandaddy)
Circulatory System
Scott Mcmicken (Dr. Dog)
R Stevie Moore
Money Mark (Beastie Boys collaborator)
Wooden Wand
Simon Joyner
Little Wings
Howe Gelb (Giant Sand)
Benoit Pioulard

Jason_Lytle_CD-RecordJulian Gasc (Aquaserge/Stereolab)
The Blank Tapes
This Frontier Needs Heroes
Juston Stens
Great Lakes
Cory Gray
Briana Marela
American Monoxide


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