“A Distant Splash”-January ’11 … Also, Holiday Contest #3

He sees her sleeping on the grass/ I think I heard a distant splash
In July she came to play/ by January he learns to pray

-Thurston Moore, “January” 2011

Remember January?

Yes, it was less than 11 months ago, but since so much has happened in that time, it’s a bit blurry – “a distant splash” if you will…

Yuck and The Smith Westerns seemed to pop out of nowhere, Wanda Jackson rocked hard with Jack White (who was technically still a White Stripe), Iron and Wine and The Decemberists got a lot of hype, Cake set a Billboard record low with a career high, Wilco formed their own record company, the major labels got hit with a price fixing lawsuit…
… and The Black Keys caused a bit of a sensation on Saturday Night Live (somethings never change).

Also, Flaming Lips fans made Wayne Coyne a 50th Birthday message and helped Steven Drozd get played on XMU by connecting through twitter/FutureHeartDaywhich had less than 200 followers at the start of the year!

In this installment of The Future Heart Year In Review, we take a look back at the music and moments that shaped the start of 2011…
… as captured in the tiny time capsules of our era: tweets…


Name That Holiday Tune #3

Every Monday-Friday until Christmas a new video is posted on this blog and at youtube/psychexfutureheart with unidentified holiday music.  If you can name the tunes and the artists performing them in the comment section below before anyone else, you could win cool prizes from Dwelling Spaces.

More info, rules and prize details are here.
Keep an eye on facebook/DwellingSpaces and facebook/TheFutureHeart for hints…
…and follow twitter/FutureHeartDay for updates, other hints, and miscellaneous holly jolly…

Can you name the four songs in this video? 

The first person to do so will receive four points (note the point system was tweaked a bit after last night – to prevent too many ties from occurring; changes do not affect the standing so far since one person won both of the first two contests).

Today’s winner will be announced tomorrow….
           …so keep guessing until then (even if you think someone else might have gotten it right before you)…

Best of luck, and have fun with the seasonal tuneage…


  1. Don’t Believe in Christmas – The Sonics
    Christmas Spirit – The Wailers
    Christmas Eve – The Galaxies
    Santa Claus – The Sonics


  2. I seem to keep leaving my guesses in the wrong spot, but lets try this….
    The Sonics – Don’t Believe in Christmas
    The Wailers – Christmas Spirit??
    The Galaxies – It’s Christmas Eve
    The Sonics – Santa Claus


  3. Third song….revised…depending on where you look….it’s titled
    Christmas Eve by The Galaxies….

    I know you were a bit more picky on Bjork’s Merry Christmas song, so…just thought i’d update…just in case…


  4. Chris and Beth you are both correct. Beth gets the four points for being first.

    Thanks for your interest Chris. Better luck next time!

    So, after three days Katie and Beth are tied with four points each.


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