Wayne Coyne Guests In New Movie Starring Melanie Griffith, “Yellow”

An open casting call for “Yellow” – a new movie starring Gena Rowlands and Melanie Griffith – was held on June 5th at Norman, Oklahoma’s The Actor (Factory 3750 W Main St. 5 Park A). The call reads: “ages 7 – 80… to play doctors, inmates, prison guards, churchgoers, and school children.” Directed by Nick Cassavetes, filming began in Norman/ Oklahoma City the following day and Wayne Coyne is among the locals casted for the film.  Since June 19th Wayne has been tweeting from the set.

Wayne explained to Atlantic City Weekly, “The person who is helping them organize some of the local casting and stuff, they were asking, ‘Hey, do you have everyone for your movie?’ And they said, ‘Oh, we’re looking for this and that.’ And there’s a part in it where they were like, ‘You ought to get Wayne for that! I know him.’ And so, I went down and met with them and stuff. It was pretty fun… My scene is scheduled [to shoot on June 27], so I keep checking to see if the whole thing is falling apart or what is going to happen. So, it seems like it’s going to happen. I mean I don’t know if I will get cut out of it but…
I’ve done little things [for major films in the past], but I don’t think I’ve ever made it in. I’ve always been curious as to how people make movies. We, of course, made our own movie, which we were in. But I think so. I think the shooting is a lot more than I would like. But I’m always hopeful that it turns out interesting.”

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