Strobo Light and Audio Phase Illusion with Three New Flaming Lips Songs

UPDATE 9/22 – Wayne Coyne personally sold the first 11 strobo toys at Jackpot Records in downtown Portland (203 SW 9th Ave. 97205) on Tuesday, September 20th at 5 pm – featuring the 6-hour song, “I Found This Star On the Ground”.  He’s selling more tonight in Seattle. 

The below post from June is out-dated – and has been partly deleted since originally being published.

Full, updated info on the strobo is here, and all the latest details on the 6-hour song are here.  Follow latest updates at  Here are two of the three songs:

Wayne Coyne revealed to MTV in early May, “We have this little stroboscope device that you spin, and it makes these little animations. We’re going to release these little six-inch pieces of vinyl with that. Just another unique experience connected with this unique music. And we believe by October that this stompbox that we’re constantly working and having a couple of companies devise – it plays three of our songs, but also functions as a weird, elaborate stompbox for your guitar or keyboard, or whatever you want to plug into it.”

Today Wayne Coyne tweeted the packaging design revealing it’s a “Light and Audio Phase Illusion Toy”. 

The Strobo Light is the latest in an overload of new Flaming Lips releases.  Last week the band issued a limited edition Gummy Skull live album, The Soft Bulletin Live La Fantastique de Institution 2011It is streaming in its entirety at youtube/psychexfutureheart – as is every other 2011 Flaming Lips release (subscribe for the latest music and videos here).  In the past few weeks they’ve also made available their collaborative EP with Prefuse 73 – the latest in their ongoing series of one-of-a-kind colored vinyl – at select stores in Oklahoma City, Chicago, Nashville, Austin, Tulsa, Echo Park (California) and New York City.

Among a slew of additional projects, The Flaming Lips have also been busy working on collaborations with Nick Cave and others, and on a soon to be released Gummy Fetus containing three new songs: “Enthusiasm For Life Defeats Existential Fear Pt.2” (preview it with the video of the recording sessions below), “Steven’s Moonbow” and “Squishy Glass”.  The three songs for the Strobo Trip have not been named, but are presumably not the same as these three.

Follow updates at twitter/FutureHeartDay

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