LYRICS AND LISTEN: Song From New Beck Album “Up All Night”

Update September 6, 2017
“Up All Night’s” music video premiered August 9, 2017 at Hollywood’s Arclight Cinemas during an all-day Capitol Records conference. On September 6, 2017 the music video was released to the public (watch below), along with the official single in advance of its forthcoming parent album Colors. Download it on iTunes; and stream it on Spotify, Tidal or Google Play. 

Original Post (September 24, 2016)

Beck’s upcoming album features the songs “Up All Night,” “7th Heaven,” “No Distraction,” and “Dear Life” (click through for descriptions of each and a full album preview), though so far we’ve only heard two songs from the album, the smash singles “Dreams” and “Wow.” Now there’s a third for our listening pleasure: “Up All Night” will debut on FIFA 17 on September 27, 2016. Most of the FIFA 17 soundtrack is streaming now on Spotify.

“There’s an unwritten rule here at EA SPORTS that every game must have a soundtrack that moves music forward,” declares a press statement for FIFA 17. “That’s why we want the FIFA 17 Soundtrack to be a new world of music discovery.” The video game compilation will feature over 50 cuts representing more than 15 countries. Among them there’s a Zedd & Grey song produced exclusively for FIFA 17; debut tracks by Beck, Kasabian, Bishop Briggs, Ceci Bastida feat. Aloe Blacc, Capital Cities, and others; and older songs by Two Door Cinema Club, Bastille, Phantogram, Glass Animals and more. The collection spans rock, EDM, hip-hop and pop with an emphasis on crowd-pleasing, fist-pumping, go-team-go jams. Which makes the Beck’s new “Up All Night” a perfect fit given its “hands up” celebratory lyrics.

“Up All Night” lyrics:

When you get the rhythm and words all make you cold
When they break it down and this world is all you know
Hands up, you’re waving it ’round
Now get yourself together
When you count the dominoes fall, it’s time to go

Now I’m feeling so far away
I see the colors and all the kids going home
Night is crawling into the day
I hear my voice ringing
The summertime’s singing

Just wanna stay up all night with you
Just wanna stay up all night with you
There’s nothing that I wouldn’t rather do
Just wanna stay up all night with you

I’ll keep it moving
Don’t wait for nothing now
Gotta keep it moving
Don’t wait for nothing now
I’ll keep it moving
Don’t wait, don’t wait for nothing now
Gotta keep it moving
Don’t wait for nothing now, nothing now

One, two, what’re you doing?
I’ve been jumping through some hoops
Want to get my body loose
Want to tell you, tell you what to do
I’ve been running on the grass
Like an animal struggling
Looking for the diamond
I’m trying, I’m fighting
Back into the rhythm now

FIFA 17 is out September 27, 2016 in North America and September 29 worldwide. Warning: if you don’t dig Beck’s new poptastic, Greg Kurstin-produced sound – as previously heard on “Dreams” and “Wow” – this may not be for you. (Oh look, Stereopathetic Soulmanure and One Foot In The Grave are uploaded in full on YouTube.) Then again, maybe you can love to hate Beck’s new music.

Snippets of the FIFA 17 version of “Up All Night” can also be heard in a new commercial for Fossil’s latest line of smartwatches and the below sampler video for FIFA 17 (at the very end).

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