Flaming Lips to Make “Little Stroboscope” Animation Device

       …you’ve heard about The Flaming Lips’ Gummy Skull, The Soft Bulletin live “album” and videos (for the audience of their Hollywood Forever Cemetery shows), the Gummy Fetus and their collab with Warpaint clothing store

If you follow closely, you might also know about FLOBs, their stomp box project, and work on a light controlled synth they are devising ….
         …what’s next?

In today’s quote of the day (via MTV) Wayne Coyne reveals, “We have this little stroboscope device that you spin, and it makes these little animations. We’re going to release these little six-inch pieces of vinyl with that. Just another unique experience connected with this unique music. And we believe by October that this stompbox that we’re constantly working and having a couple of companies devise – it plays three of our songs, but also functions as a weird, elaborate stompbox for your guitar or keyboard, or whatever you want to plug into it.”

The Flaming Lips have made no formal announcement of their little stroboscope yet, nor of the new fetus project – of which a proto-type is shown below.  Details are surely on the way.  Follow twitter.com/FutureHeartDay for the latest updates on all the above and more…


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