Flaming Lips To Play With The Lovell Telescope

The Flaming Lips have announced a July 2nd show at Cheshire, UK’s Jodrell Bank Observatory – in the shadow of the University of Manchester’s Lovell telescope.  British Sea Power, OK Go and Alice Gold are opening.  This is the day after The Flaming Lips are scheduled to play The Soft Bulletin in the UK for the first time ever, at London’s Alexandria Palace.  There’s been no word yet on if the Jodrell will also be a Soft Bulletin show, but even if not, fans are sure to be treated to a unique show with at least a few highlights from that classic 1999 album.

Although The Lovell is no longer the world’s largest steerable dish radio telescope (as it was when it was built 56 years ago), it is still the most powerful and largest radio telescope in Brittain.  The telescope has previously been used by The Doves to capture the echo for the guitar riff in “Space Face”.  The Flaming Lips will use it as a projection screen for this gig.  Additionally, before the show fans are invited to participate in space research workshops.

Tickets are onsale now and more about the Jodrell Bank is here

Follow twitter.com/FutureHeartDay for updates, including news of a July 1st event promised to be announced shortly.


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