Watch Wayne Coyne Test Gummy Skull with Marijuana-Flavored Brain

May 5th UPDATE: The Soft Bulletin Live – inside a strawberry/marijuana-flavored gummy skull – is on sale now here with Flaming Lips’ Hollywood Forever Cemetery two day passes (June 14-15).  Single and two day ticket options without the special gummy skull go on sale May 6th morning for $40 and $80 here.  Follow for more updates!

How many nibbles does it take to get to the brain of a Flaming Lips’ Gummy Skull?  It all depends if you’ve got the munchies…

As reported by Psych Explorations of the Future Heart last week, The Flaming Lips have recorded a live version of The Soft Bulletin to be released in a future batch of life-size, edible gummy skulls – the same way they released four new songs on April 20th.  As also reported here, while selling skulls in Texas last week, Wayne told fans that said Soft Gummy Skull Live Bulletin would have a marijuana brain – so, while digging in to retrieve the USB center that holds the music, you could get both a sugar high, and just plain high…

On April 28th, Wayne followed-up his alleged plans to offer some sweet leaf to fans with a sweet tooth, via the above embedded tweet.  In case anybody thought he was joking, two gummy videos were uploaded today (April 29th) at and youtube/changeyrlifeokc.  In the second, Wayne and a surgeon perform a lobotomy on a gummy skull (watch here).  But it was the first video that got the most attention: Wayne tests the pot-gummy through an interview with weed connaisseur and Lips’ helper Jake.  Watch below: 

“Jake tests the flavors of a Gummy Song Skull prototype.”

Though we can’t say for sure if this will actually go to market (there might be, um, some issues involved with such a product), nor if it will be used for the Soft Bulletin live gummy release, all signs and rumours point in that direction as of now (May 5th UPDATE: They marijuana-flavored gummy skulls are available – here – right now with tickets to to their two-night-and-one-morning gig in Hollywood Forever Cemetery, more details here). 
The gummy skull with the four new songs (but no cannabis taste) – released last week in a mere three stores personally delivered by Wayne Coyne – now has a wider mail order release: on Wednesday, April 27th (exactly one week after being unveiled at Oklahoma’s Guestroom Records), the gummy skull were added to the store at the Flaming Lips website
Gummy skulls from the band’s site will ship the week of May 2nd – within the U.S. only.
The Soft Bulletin Live Gummy Skull is a special project tieing in with The Flaming Lips’ June 14-15 “two nights, one morning” gig at Hollywood Forever Cemetery that will feature their cover of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon on one night and The Soft Bulletin live in its entirety on the other night (yes, you read that right – they are playing two classic LPs in a graveyard filled with movie stars – more on that here).  That’s the “two nights”…
The “one morning” is a collaboration with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros in the cemetery’s bell tower (more about that here).

ANOTHER UPDATE: On May 2nd Wayne tweeted the presumed title of the album, The Soft Bulletin: Live La Fantastique de Institution 2011 – though it’s possible that’s not the name of the album, but rather the video content recorded at SUNY Fredonia – previously detailed here (including exclusive interviews and pictures not included in the posts by  Consequence of Sound, Pitchfork, etc  partly copied from this original profile). 

So what do think?  Is this pot skull idea awesome, or awful? 
Neither? Both?  Is it something you would spend over $150 on (being that without flavored brain they cost that much, surely with it, the price must rise, right?)…
Do you think this was just a publicity stunt to draw attention to the gummy skull selling on the band’s website?  Is it a coincidence this video (and then another) appeared on the web precisely as the gummy skull for sale appeared on the band’s blog and facebook wall and Wayne tweeted about it?  Are you sad that this might perpetuate the stereotype of Flaming Lips fans as a bunch of burn-outs? Or, are you proud to be a Flaming fan because they celebrate 4/20 by releasing new tunes titled “Drug Chart” and “”In Our Bodies Out of Our Heads” at precisely 4:20 PM and release their music in a (literal) pot head?

Sound off below…

Also, FYI – there’s been discussion of a Flaming Lips bong – a fan idea that Wayne has supposedly taken a liking to…

Read more about The Soft Bulletin live gummy album and two live Bulletin music videos here.
Read more about the 4/20 Gummy Skull sale here.


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