Flaming Lips Sell Gummy Skulls on Web Via Video of Lobotomy

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The Flaming Lips released four new songs inside life-size gummy skulls on April 20th – but the first batch was only sold at three stores, where Wayne Coyne personally delivered the goods.  Today, more skulls on sale at their website were announced via twitter (see below), their facebook wall and their official blog.  The band also released a pair of videos as part of an apparent online marketing campaign to generate buzz around the $150 skulls.    

In the second of two Flaming Lips videos posted today on YouTube and at changeyrlife.com, Wayne Coyne joined Dr. Rodgers in a lobotomy on a Gummy Skull (watch below). 

The first video showed a gummy skull with a marijuana-flavored brain – possibly to be sold in the future, perhaps as a live “album” of The Soft Bulletin.  More info on that, and two live Bulletin music videos the band recently filmed at SUNY Fredonia here

UPDATE: The Gummy Skulls have sold out. More will be available in a few weeks.

Wayne tweeted from the operating room during the filming of this video last week:





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