Watch Wayne Coyne Explain Flaming Lips’ “Gummy Bear Skull”, “Two Blobs Fucking”, Collaborations and Jimmy Page

For the latest click here: Flaming Lips Gummy Skulls Out Today!

In their ongoing quest to release music in every way imaginable by the end of 2011, The Flaming Lips have announced plans to follow February’s “YouTube Symphony” in the next few weeks with a  self-released four-song 12″ featuring Neon Indian (read more about that here).  It will be the first of several collaborations in the works for this year.  They have namechecked Ariel Pink, Deerhoof, James Murphy, Lee Renaldo, and even Jimmy Page for other 2011 efforts (more on that here).  

In April expect more new music from the Lips in the form of a “gummy skull” (stuffed with a USB flash drive).  Wayne recently discussed his new idea – and a lot more – with Mashable.  Skip to 4:07 for some yummy gummy action. 

UPDATE: New info on the Gummy Skull release and more is here.

And for those of you still stuck on the bit about Jimmy Page, here’s some trivia.  In 2006 Wayne met Jimmy’s daughter.  She said that while spending time with her pop on Father’s Day, she played him “The W.A.N.D.” – which he recalled from hearing on the radio.  Jimmy supposedly praised its riff. 

Yes, sir. Classic rock’s professor of riffology approved of the “The W.A.N.D.”‘s duh-da-da-duuuh…  Not bad for a band that released a song in their early days named “Hari-Krishna Stomp Wagon (Fuck Led Zepplin)”.


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