Wayne Coyne Explains Flaming Lips’ “Sound Collage Things”

“It could be up to twelve – that’s a lot of people standing in the bathroom..”
-Wayne Coyne, March 2, 2011 to Time Out NY

Wayne Coyne explained the evolution of The Flaming Lips’ “sound collage things” – from their ’90s car stereo experiments to their recent 12-part “Smartphone Symphony” – to Time Out NY yesterday in a Chelsea rehearsal space (watch above).  The Flaming Lips then headed to the bathroom to perform their newest multi-source sound collage piece, “Two Blobs Fucking” (watch below).  This is the second interview about the “song” – which can also be played as a YouTube Canon – click here; the first was with Steven Drozd on Sirius XMU

The Flaming Lips headline the Philip Glass-curated Tibet House Benefit Concert tonight at Carnegie Hall, alongside Patti Smith, The Roots, Taj Mahal, Michael Stipe and others.  There’s been no indication that The Flaming Lips’ set will include a multi-source composition – such as “Two Blobs Fucking”, perhaps with Philip Glass – but these videos show it at least occupied some of their time and was on their minds during yesterday’s rehearsal.  Read more predictions for tonight’s show here (will The Flaming Lips perform with an orchestra? will Michael Stipe debut a new REM song with Patti Smith?) and about past Tibet House Benefits here (watch Iggy Pop’s last stage-dive ever, and more). 

New York Magazine is giving away tickets to tonight’s Carnegie Hall Tibet House Concert here, but if you really want to go you’re best off buying them here

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Now what we’ve all been waiting for:

Wayne with bandmates Michael Ivins and Steven Drozd performing “Two Blobs”… in the bathroom, of course


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