Jake Fogelnest’s “Download 15” (The Week Ending February 19, 2011)

Jake Fogelnest’s “Download 15” “counts down the 15 songs making the most noise on-line every Saturday. If it’s big on the internets, it’s on this list: new releases, leaks and whatever else you kids are listening to.”

This past weekend Steven Drozd spoke to Jake on “The Download 15” – the sole interview so far by any member of The Flaming Lips about their latest work.  Steven is a fan of Jake, this show and XMU in general… so their conversation naturally had the flow of real dialogue.  Here’s some excerpts:

Jake: “Our number 7 track this week is something that exists entirely on the interwebs…meant to be heard on a bunch of iPhones synched up with each other”

Steven: “It quickly went from four phones to, ‘hey, what about twenty’ and we sort of went back down to twelve…The experience is meant to be through these twelve separate sound sources… Get them going, you can walk around the room, you can leave one phone in place, you can really experiment with it”

Jake: “Absolutely, it’s meant to be an interactive, surround sound…”

Steven: “If you can’t get all twelve going, what I’ve been doing, and I think this is just as much fun, is pick three of four of the tracks and play those.  There’s some really fun combinations of things to do… So within these twelve tracks – depending on what combination of tracks you do – there’s all these different feels and sorts of ambient trips and sort of things that you can into… Flaming Lips fans are pretty resourceful, they can figure out ways to do thing…”

Jake: “Your fans are amazing: just a couple weeks ago, you had reached out, your fans had reached out and they were like, ‘hey, play this solo thing from Steven on the radio….’ I’m just happy we live in a world where The Flaming Lips exists, you know.  There’s very few bands I think that continuously, are like, ‘Let’s make a symphony for an iPhone!”



Being that music fans had so much to be excited about last week, the countdown was loaded.  And here it is, the fifteen songs that made noise on the web last week worthy of space on your digital music player, as picked by Jake:

15) Wavves “TV Luv Song”
14) Mogwai “San Pedro” (listen below)
13) Architecture in Helsinki “Contact High”
12) The Decemberists “This Is Why We Fight”
11) Tune-Yards “Bizness”
10) Twilight Singers “On the Corner”
9) Tyler the Creator “Yonkers”
8 ) The Strokes “Under Cover of Darkness” (listen below)
Steven Drozd interview by host Jake Fogelnest
7) The Flaming Lips “Two Blobs Fucking (spoken word bliss mix by PsychExFutureHeart)” (listen top of page)
6) Toro Y Moi “New Beat” (listen below)
5) Yuck “Get Away” (listen below)
4) Bright Eyes “Ladder Song”
3) Cut Copy “Need You Now”
2) PJ Harvey “Let England Shake”
1) Radiohead “Lotus Flower” (listen below) 



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