Steven Drozd Interview on Sirius XMU This Weekend
In response to Steven Drozd and his fans’ requests a few weeks ago, Jake Fogelnest featured Steven’s “Get On” on the January 22nd episode of his Download 15 weekly XMU radio show.  This weekend Steven will be on DL15 again in an interview with Jake – the only by any member of The Flaming Lips about their latest work.  Steven is a big fan of Jake, this show and XMU in general and the rapport between the two promises an entertaining and informative conversation.

UPDATE: Read excerpts from Steven’s interview and listen to several songs from this edition of “The Download 15” – including the exact mix of “Two Blobs Fucking” that was played on the show – here.

“The Download 15″ airs every Saturday at noon EST / 6 PM, rebroadcasts Sunday at 3 PM EST and 11 PM EST, as well as Mon at 8 AM EST, and is self-described as “Sirius XMU counts down the 15 songs making the most noise on-line every Saturday. If it’s big on the internets, it’s on this list: new releases, leaks and whatever else you kids are listening to.”

Sirius XMU (channel 26) in their own words is -“like hearing college radio but never having to go to class. Nothing but music to the left of the mainstream. Hear today’s indie rock from artists like Grizzly Bear, Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend, Pixies and more”.  That’s not self-hype: in celebration of Radiohead releasing The King of Limbs this morning, the station played tracks from it every hour, all today.  Where else can you hear a highly anticipated Radiohead album the day of its release, and the next day hear the only interview about The Flaming Lips’ “pocket phone symphony” (also released this week).  Both bands are listed on the XMU homepage – along with Animal Collective, Pavement, Modest Mouse, Vampire Weekend, Decemberists and Shins” – as “Artists You’ll Hear”, and so it is. 

To get an idea of what songs will be featured in the “Download 15” this week, check out past weeks’ playlists – including this one from January 22nd, the episode featuring Steven Drozd’s “Get On”.  A song from The King of Limbs will almost certainly be on this week’s DL15 and the slew of album releases this week (Mogwai, Yuck, Sonic Youth, Gruff Rhys, PJ Harvey, Bright Eyes) suggests this episode will overflow with the hottest music of 2011!

UPDATE: The full Download 15 is listed here, with select tracks streaming – the exact mix of “Two Blobs Fucking” played on the show, new releases from Mogwai, Yuck, Radiohead and more.

If you don’t already subscribe, register for a free 30 day trial – here.  Follow for the latest updates.

Jake Fogelnest is the head DJ on Sirius XMU. His bio on their site explains he “came to fame at the wee age of 14 in January of 1994 when he started Squirt TV from his New York City bedroom. The show, which debuted on public access, was written, produced and directed by Jake, and featured his opinions on music, film and television. These days, he is one of those random dudes who makes sarcastic comments on VH1’s “I Love The…” series. OK, he does a bit more than that. He’s also worked on the writing staff of VH1′s Best Week Ever, and has written numerous articles for Spin, Alternative Press and Jane magazine. He’s directed music videos alongside Spike Jonze, and served as the Assistant Director for Sarah Silverman’s one-woman show Jesus Is Magic at Joe’s Pub. Best of all, he can be seen for eleven seconds in Gigantic: A Tale Of Two Johns, the documentary on They Might Be Giants.”

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