Stardeath and White Dwarfs/ Tame Impala Tour

MUCH more where this came from (including photos and videos from the shows) here … where we ask the question, is this the coolest tour of the year??? “Made it to DC! Just met Tame Impala… Awesome guys, gonna be a fun tour! Come watch them and us tonight!!! 6:00 PM Nov 16th via Facebook “Stardeath and White Dwarfs definitely stole the night with their cosmic show and sound. I have never seen such showmanship from an opening band. It seemed that the audience, myself included, were all immediately converted into wide-eyed fans. These boys definitely know how to put on an impressive performance… a smoke machine and a seizure-inducing light show, along with an eccentric and florid sound that makes you wonder how much acid these guys have taken over the years. The tripping motif is even stronger with the addition of their singer, Dennis Coyne, in big white furry boots and a black t-shirt with long white fringe down the arms and back.”

MUCH more where this came from (including photos and videos from the shows here. 

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