Wayne Coyne: Sexiest Man Alive?

“The Flaming Lips frontman is that rare type who actually gets more attractive as he ages (and it just about goes without saying that he’s still making great music, too)”

-Judy Berman, flavorwire.com, 2:31 pm Wednesday Jul 28, 2010

In yesterday’s post on Wayne Coyne joining twitter for real, “his” previous fake twitter account – now deleted- was mentioned.  This brings to mind a facebook account that bears his name, kind of…

The name of the account is

wayne coyne: sexiest man alive

This account isn’t alone in stating it…

Last week, flavorwire.com posted a list on The 10 Sexiest Indie Rockers Over 40.  Although the list wasn’t ranked perse, the first on the list was Wayne Coyne.

He’s also the oldest male on the list…  and second over all to Kim Gordon, the only on the list now in her 50s (though the other Kim, the one that once had a watermelon gun – yeah, Kim Deal – turned 49 in June, making her a few months younger than Wayne).  The other ladies picked on the list held no surprises (Polly Jean Harvey, Kathleen Hanna, Hope Sandoval) but the men chosen were less predictable (Jarvis Cocker, Bill Callahan, Yamataka Eye)… except for Beck (he defies the logic of all sex laws you know).

http://twitter.com/FutureHeartDay is bringing sexy back!

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