Spin Turns 25, Webcasts a Week of Concerts; Flaming Lips Play Three Nights in NYC, including Letterman

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“It wasn’t so much that we wanted to be psychedelic, we just wanted to play Led Zep-type stuff and then play echo and play weird”

-Wayne Coyne quoted in Spin (magazine), December 1986, p16

Photo by Francesco Carrozzini

No music magazine has been as consistently on the mark and ahead of the curve year-after-year for the last quarter-century as Spin has.  Check it: when The Flaming Lips released a polarizing album last fall that seemingly confused many print publications at first, Spin jumped on the chance to celebrate The Lips’ brave new sonic world by not just having Wayne Coyne on the cover, but having him letter it as well… similarly, in 1986 Spin ran an article on The Flaming Lips (who had recently released their debut LP, Hear It Is) that is presumably the first in a nationally distributed, mainstream magazine (that article, “Drug Crazed Teens: Flaming Lips Deny It All”, has since secured itself as a footnote in The Flaming Lips’ history via its appearance in the documentary The Fearless Freaks).  In between these two examples, countless of the most talented music writers and photographers have contributed to a publication that has been through a lot of changes – not just of its own, but all around it, from college radio’s heyday to the web suffocating magazine and CD sales – and somehow managed to document them all with insight, amusement and just the right the amount of inevitable journalistic bias and taste-maker hyperbole… you know, spin.  At a time when “alternative” was more a fringe buzzword than a marketing or programming format, hip-hop was regularly dismissed as a “fad” and Phil Collins was on the cover of Rolling StoneSpin had the spunk their competition flunked.

Now Spin has turned 25 and is celebrating next week with a series of concerts in New York City: Monday- The Smashing Pumpkins, Tuesday – The Flaming Lips, Wednesday – The Black Keys, Thursday – The National, and Friday a special – albeit reluctant – presentation by Spiritualized: their 1997 classic Ladies and Gentlemen, We’re Floating in Space performed in its entirety with an orchestra and choir at Radio City Music Hall.

For Flaming Lips fans in the New York City area this means a chance to dress up like a Yo Gabba Gabba character two nights in row (on Monday at Central Park and the next night at Terminal 5 – locale for all the Spin 25 shows except Spiritualized) and for fans around the rest of the world it means a chance to watch live broadcast of all five Spin celebration concerts “shot in high-quality video from nine different camera angles” at SPIN.com each night, from Monday, July 26, through Friday, July 30, at 8 P.M. EST.  Likewise, The Flaming Lips will reportedly be playing a third night in New York City: a taping of The Late Show With David Letterman on Wednesday night (hopefully with Karen O helping out). 

The Flaming Lips at Central Park + Spin 25 Webcast + Letterman with Karen O = Yeah, yeah, yeah!


  1. I love the SPIN article from 1986.

    “Besides, he says that Sonic Youth are ‘real wimps who can’t get away with doing that they know people are gonna like.’ He also says that Henry Rollins ‘is getting fat,’ Pussy Galore ‘is, like, the worst band ever,’ and the guy from Dr. Hook who wears the patch over his eye (who the Lips saw playing pool in Nashville) ‘was drunk off his ass, and he’s stupid.'”

    Wayne was quite the trash talker.


  2. Yeah it’s great! Every time the media blows out of proportion something Wayne says about some other band (i.e. Arcade Fire, Beck, Dylan etc) I always think back to this article. Also, I’m reminded of another by Jim Dero from his book “Milk It” where he says something like “they’re nice guys but they won’t hesitate to take a knock at rock stars who are full of themselves”

    I was thinking of including the part you quoted but didn’t want to get any more off subject (the webcasts) than I already was.

    So thanks for quoting it for me… funny stuff!


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