200 Videos in 200 Days

Today is the 200th day of the new decade and coincidentally Psych Explorations of 2010 Playlist:Age of the Flaming Freak (a playlist of new music on the psychexfutureheart YouTube channel – including many of the http://twitter.com/FutureHeartDay songs of the day) has reached its limit: 200 videos.  Links to some of them are below, but for the complete list – and to watch/ listen to all 200 in autoplay – head over here.


   …and, as always, comments are encouraged.  What 2010 video(s)/song(s) have been overlooked?

If you like these, make sure to check out Psych Explorations of 2009 Playlist- Animal Lips and Beyond, More Explorations of 2009 Playlist- Flaming Collectives, etc and Even More 2009 Explorations: The Flaming New, Weird America – three 2009 playlists at http://www.youtube.com/user/psychexfutureheart.

For a list of all 2009 videos in these three playlists, plus additional videos and more information on the lists, click here.

Follow http://twitter.com/FutureHeartDay for news and songs of the day, like those above…

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