2010: The Dawning of the Age of the Flaming Freak

The new Ariel Pink single, “Round And Round”, has really been doing it for me lately. So has the Tame Impala song, “Runway, Houses, City, Clouds.”

-Kliph at Ask Kliph thread

Who will soundtrack the dawning of the age of the freak?

With the ’00s barely behind us, we’re only just beginning to see the shape of music and culture to come in this decade… but freaks (whether that means Tame Impala or Lady Gaga) are sure to shape it.  Today we look at the state of music in 2010 (so far) for the third and final day leading up to PsychExFutureHeart’s 5/4 countdown celebration of The Flaming Lips’/ Stardeath and White Dwarfs’ Dark Side of the Moon CD release tomorrow.  Vote on and discuss 2010 music, watch videos in the Psych Explorations of 2010 Playlist: Age of the Flaming Freak (or almost new music in the three 2009 playlists, including some tracks officially released in 2010 but out in 2009) and check back tomorrow for the 5/4 countdown of all things Flaming Lips 2010, all day!  After all, for three decades the Flaming Lips have been pied pipers leading to the gates of this dawn.

Enthusiasm for life, rock n’ roll and The Flaming Lips? Follow http://twitter.com/FutureHeartDay and stay tuned for the upcoming publication “Psych Explorations of the Future Heart”

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