2010: The Dawning of the Age of the Flaming Freak

The new Ariel Pink single, “Round And Round”, has really been doing it for me lately. So has the Tame … More

More Explorations of 2009

We’re digging for deep cuts from 2009 (album tracks, songs that went mostly unnoticed, one-offs etc) but not so much that there’s not room for the Black Eye Peas. As with last time, the order is based not on some rating or ranking system, but on the themes and flow of the music itself. Hear for yourself at http://www.youtube.com/user/psychexfutureheart

Psych Explorations of 2009

PsychExFutureHeart’s culmination to our Martian Christmases at the Zoo Countdown last week was a musical look back at the last year, of the first decade, in the twenty-first century… no easy task! Not only is music fragmenting, recombining and evolving at an unprecedented pace, so is how we access it and how it plays into our lives…even how we conceptualize what “music” is (as a product, as a service, as a personal experience, its social function, etc). With all this in mind, how can we make sense of this year in music?