Complete Black Friday 2017 Vinyl Release List -Updated With All Official Record Store Day Independent Shop Exclusives

Paul McCartney split single with The Decemberists? Yes siree!

Plus U2, Fleet Foxes, Grateful Dead, Neil Young, J Dilla, Sufjan Stevens, Willie Nelson, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Queen, Buddy Guy And Junior Wells, Black Lips, Black Dahlia Murder, Blue Oyster Cult, Wilco side project Autumn Defense, The Byrds, Yes and many more vinyl delights all due November 24, 2017.

Bridge School Benefit Webcasting Acoustic Sets by Neil Young, My Morning Jacket, Arcade Fire, Tom Waits with Les Claypool

Watch acoustic sets by My Morning Jacket, Arcade Fire, and others live tonight – including first CSNY appearance since 2006. Also sneak a peak of Tom Waits preparing for his return to stage tomorrow with Les Claypool, and recap highlight videos from recent years of Bridge School concert.

VH1’s 100 Greatest Artists of All Time

“You hear it so much that you forget how phenomenal it is.  I mean even today you hear it and … More

Psych Explorations of 2009

PsychExFutureHeart’s culmination to our Martian Christmases at the Zoo Countdown last week was a musical look back at the last year, of the first decade, in the twenty-first century… no easy task! Not only is music fragmenting, recombining and evolving at an unprecedented pace, so is how we access it and how it plays into our lives…even how we conceptualize what “music” is (as a product, as a service, as a personal experience, its social function, etc). With all this in mind, how can we make sense of this year in music?

The Flaming Alphabet

An alphabetic guide to help enthusiasts decide if they are Flaming Freaks… or just casual acquaintances. If you still need help deciding,with hours of awesome music and related sites.