2010 John Lennon

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“When we were in school, we had a religion teacher, a very serious guy. John said to Pete (Shotten, friend and member of the first band) ‘This teacher is not going to be satisfied, unless we’re all priests. So they went back to Pete’s mother’s shop, she ran a grocery shop. They found strips of white cardboard, and just before the lesson started next time, they walked around and gave all the boys in the class white cardboard – so when the teacher came in, and started marking the register, he looked up and saw the whole class filled with priests.”

-Len Garry (childhood friend of John Lennon) to Fox

“He used to be the fat Beatle… [so] he was doing yoga and meditating in the room next to the control room.”

-Jack Douglas (Lennon’s friend) to NBC on why John ate egg-whites only at Café La Fortuna in the 1970s

John Lennon in the news between October 9th (70 years after his birth) and December 8th, 2010 (30 years after his death):

Hours before Mark David Chapman shot John Lennon on December 8, 1980, John signed Mark’s copy of Double Fantasy (released just three weeks before, to the day) outside the Dakota, Lennon’s apartment building.  Now that autographed LP is available for purchase – for $850,000 from autograph dealer Gary Zimet’s momentsintime.com.  Gary told the NY Post, “The album is the most extraordinary artifact in rock and roll history. It has Lennon’s signature on the cover and Chapman’s forensically enhanced finger prints on the sleeve. There are evidence markings from the NYPD. I originally sold it in 1999, but it has come back up for resale. The current owner doesn’t want to be named because he received death threats.”
Yet more incentive to make this sick purchase!
At the Beacon Theater in New York, The 30th annual John Lennon Tribute Concert features Patti Smith, Jackson Browne, Aimee Mann, Taj Mahal, Joan Osbourne, Shelby Lynne, Keb’ Mo’ and many more. Proceeds go to the Playing For Change Foundation

A letter by an overtly angry John Lennon to his laundry service on the web reveals something we’ve all wanted to know: how much does Yoko sweat???

Elsewhere, The Telegraph reports rare photos of Lennon two days before he was shot are “among thousands collected by a British music historian who is now selling the negatives, together with the copyright, at auction.”

John Lennon plaque at 34 Montagu Square (Ringo’s apartment – bought in 1965 by Ringo Starr, tenanted by Paul McCartney and Jimi Hendrix and most famously Lennon and Ono in 1968) unveiled by Yoko Ono.

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