R.E.M.​/ Minus 5/ Sleater-Kinney​/ King Crimson​ Supergroup Filthy Friends Releasing Debut 7″ “Any Kind of Crowd” On Record Store Day ….Hear It Now

Filthy Friends – a new supergroup featuring members of R.E.M.​, Sleater-Kinney​, King Crimson​ and more – are releasing their debut single on Record Store Day.

The Heart is a Drum Machine

Christopher Pomerenke’s documentary The Heart is a Drum Machine – featuring Wayne Coyne, Isaac Brock, Elijah Wood, (MGMT’s) Andrew VanWyngarden, (The Postal Service’s) Jimmy Tamborello, Janet Weiss (of Quasi, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks and formerly of Sleater-Kinney), John Frusciante, Juliette Lewis, (KCRW’s) Nic Harcourt, (Tool’s) Maynard James Keenan, among many others, including several scientists – was released on DVD March 9 and became available On Demand April 1.