Wayne Coyne Be Our Santa… Name That Holiday Tune #8


Viola describe themselves as “two guys influenced by beautiful heartfelt music, ass-shaking beats, sub-par humor and hidden messages” and their intention is to “make music to dance to – for people who seldom dance outside the dancefloor of their minds.”  They release one free downloadable song on the 1st of every month at midnight on violamusicclub.com. (“Viola Music Club by Viola is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 1.0 Finland License. This means you can do anything you want with our music! Just credit us and don’t use it for commercial purposes without asking us for permission.”)

For December 2010 they wrote a tribute to a man who they call “the true embodiment of Christmas spirit in the world“…

…yep, they wrote a Christmas song about Wayne Coyne!

Their playful lyrics reveal them as true Lips fans – including the climatic line “Even if our hearts might break/ They’re fixable with duct tape” (a reference to Wayne’s prefered method of bonding broken objects) and even placing Michael and Steven’s distinctive harmonies (low and high respectively) when each of their names is sung, and a Kliph-styled drum fill for the Lips’ skinsman!

Says Viola, Wayne Coyne’s “antics on stage on his (+ the rest of the Lips’) music on record make every day seem just a little bit like Christmas. Actually, going to a Flaming Lips show is way better than Christmas.”

Says Wayne Coyne (to The Guardian), “A Santa-type figure who arrives in a space bubble. For good or bad that’s what I’ve become. I like the idea of walking around in it. When I was a kid I thought that if I met John Lennon he would look like he does on the Sgt Pepper sleeve. I’d quite like people to go, “Hey, I saw that Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips in town and he was in that fucking space bubble. What an idiot. Why would he do that?”


Wayne Coyne first became Santa for The Flaming Lips 1999 Christmas card (do you know any other band that sends holiday greetings to their fans?). Listen to Wayne explain how that transformed into his role as a Martian Santa in Christmas on Mars in the video above at 2:25 (also, this video playlist details everything you ever wanted to know about the Flaming Lips movie). Viola’s song brings Wayne’s role back down to earth…

“Wayne Coyne, be our Santa Claus
The old Santa has gone AWOL
His endless shopping mall tours have taken their toll
And Christmas is getting close
Oh Wayne Coyne, be our Santa Claus

And Christmas Eve arrives
You descend from the sky
In your homemade spaceship
Amidst the snow confetti
Wearing your shiny grey suit
With your loyal crew
Of orange elves and furry friends
And Michael, Steven and Kliph

Wayne Coyne, be our Santa Claus
You give us a sense of wonder
When we’re feeling buried under mundane chores
Shake our little snow globe world
Oh Wayne Coyne, be our Santa Claus

It’s the most wonderful show
Our senses overflow
It feels just like Christmas
To be sprinkled with love
The greatest Christmas present
Is to treasure the present
And drop all worries and regrets

Wayne Coyne, be our Santa Claus
The gift that you bring is
More precious than all the bling bling in the world
We feel Christmas all year long
Oh Wayne Coyne, be our Santa Claus

Make us smile and make us cry
Show us why we need to try
Even if our hearts might break
They’re fixable with duct tape

Wayne Coyne, be our Santa Claus
The gift that you bring is
More precious than all the bling bling in the world
Wayne Coyne, be our Santa Claus
You give us a sense of wonder
When we’re feeling buried under mundane”

Download your own copy of this wonderful tribute at violamusicclub.com.

Along with the song they also posted these images from when they met Wayne and the guys… (yeah you saw that right: the note reads “Hey Tommi!! You were a great giant penguin… Thanks, Wayne”):

Tommi (of Viola Music Club), “Yes, I dressed up as a penguin for a Flaming Lips show and I’m not ashamed to admit it!”

Name That Holiday Tune #8

Every Monday-Friday until Christmas a new video is posted on this blog and at youtube/psychexfutureheart with unidentified holiday music. If you can name the tunes and the artists performing them in the comment section below before anyone else, you could win cool prizes from Dwelling Spaces.  You can watch all the prior contest videos – plus many more – in this nearly 14-hours-long holiday music/ video playlist, or at youtube/psychexfutureheart.

Video #8 is below!

More info, rules and prize details are here. Remember, you must “like” facebook/DwellingSpaces and facebook/TheFutureHeart for your submission to count.

…and follow twitter/FutureHeartDay for updates, other hints, and miscellaneous holly jolly…


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