Wayne Coyne’s “The Sun Is Sick – No 2” Comic Available Now

Shortly before closing shop for the night on July 8, 2013, Dwelling Spaces put a surprise up for sale:
…the first 30 copies of Wayne Coyne’s debut comic book, The Sun Is Sick.

Photo: Wayne Coyne's "The Sun Is Sick - no. 2" Comic Book Available Now! Wayne's newest comic book has been selling at shows since June 10th. This 48 page (6 ½” x 8 ½”) volume cost $14.99. The highly anticipated sequel to Wayne's debut comic book from last year has been partially documented by Coyne on his twitter and instagram earlier this year: https://thefutureheart.com/sun-is-sick-2/ The original is still available at the merch table as well, and at http://store.flaminglips.com/the-sun-is-sick-comic-book.html

The 40-page, 6 ½” x 8 ½” comic quickly sold out, but additional copies were available on subsequent days at the store as well as at the merch table throughout The Flaming Lips’ summer tour and at store.flaminglips.comThe Sun Is Sick officially premiered at Comic-Com 2013 in the San Diego Convention Center, July 18th through 21st.

Now – just in time for Bonnaroo – volume two has been released. Starting June 10th pick up the sequel for $14.99 at The Flaming Lips merch table at their concerts. As with the original, Sun Is Sick no. 2 was highly anticipated by fans who have followed its development via Coyne’s twitter and instagram –  as can been seen below. A forthcoming third volume was started during winter 2014.

Listen to Wayne discuss with Marvel Comics how The Sun Is Sick came to be, why he wasn’t at Comic-Con last year, and more here.



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