The Flaming Lips “Oczy Mlody” Lyrics …Annotated By Wayne Coyne

Oczy Mlody

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Oczy Mlody

Album opener instrumental “Oczy Mlody” translates roughly from Polish to English as “Eyes of the Young.” Not to be confused with track four on the album, “Sunrise (Eyes of the Young),” title track “Oczy Mlody” uses the same phrase as its title, but in broken Polish – making it one of four songs on the album with a title in the West Slavic language. Likewise, there’s another song title that references eyes, “Listening to the Frogs with Demon Eyes.” Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne says the Polish titles were inspired by a book he keep in his studio.

Wayne says:

“About five years ago I found a little paperback book in a used bookstore. I liked the cover, a painting of a woman that looks like Eryka Baddu crying and sweating, and the title Blisko Domu. I didn’t know what it meant. It’s written in Polish (Blisko Domu means Almost Home).. But I didn’t care. I liked it and it is one of the books I have in the studio that I would look at all the time in between mixes and slow recording times. I would read it as a kind of  meditation. Meaningless (well, meaningless to me. I don’t speak Polish) sentences and paragraphs. I would flow over the text like I was reading but It would never alight any story.. occasionally I would stumble upon cool sounding words and phrases not having any idea of their real meaning and I think I would allow the words to trigger something, maybe something subconscious, in my searching mind. I stumbled upon the words “Oczy Mlody”.. they struck me as sounding like Oxy (as in Oxycodone) Melody and, as my imagination ran away with it, also the name of a drug made in the future. Every time I would pick this book up I would, kind of, add to the made-up meaning that I had given to the words that I liked.. The actual meaning of “oczy mlody” is something like “eyes of the young”.. which we (Steven and Dennis and I) thought was great.. Eyes Of The Young is not really a title that appealed to us but Oczy Mlody meaning “eyes of the young” greatly appealed to us.. Ha.. Who knows why.. And so we began to realize we were starting to make a record with this kind of removed,abstract substitute meaning.. or a record that we followed what meaning the initial sounds triggered.. . Sounds of words. Sounds of music. Sounds of beats..””


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White trash rednecks, Earthworms eat the ground
Legalize it, Every drug right now
Are you with us.. Or are you burnin’ out??
Kill your rock n roll.. Motherfuckin’ hip-hop sound
I tried to tell you but I don’t know how!!
I tried to tell you but I don’t know how!!
How?? A thousand suns are in the sky right now
Let them shine now shine for just one hour
I tried to tell you but I don’t know how!!
I tried to tell you but I don’t know how!!
How?? Back when we were young.. We killed everyone
If they fucked with us.. With our baby guns
We were young with our baby guns
We were young with our baby guns
A bird is singing.. Singing really loud
A jet is flying.. Flying through a cloud..

Wayne says:

“The lyric is all stream of consciousness emotional syllables and fucked up junk-sta position of words and mood to create (accidentally) the mysterious, epic meaning or meaninglessness of the song. And maybe that’s why it works.. The lyric ‘I tried to tell you but I don’t know how!!’.. Is really what the main power and dilemma of the song is.. .which is often how we communicate with each other in real life situations all the time.. and in real life we struggle to find the right words to say some ‘all encompassing perfectly meaningful statement’ and, on an emotional level it does communicate and then we fuck it up with words.. Ha.”

There Should Be Unicorns

Yeah there should be unicorns..
Ones with the purple eyes
It should be loud as fuck,
Hope the swans don’t die
There should be burning sun,
And naked slaves
And if the police show up..
We’ll give them so much money it will make them cry
And forgive us..
Yeah there should be unicorns the ones with the purple eyes not the green eyes
Yeah there should be day glow strippers
Ones from the Amazon
Some edible butterflies.. We put ketchup on
Some motorcycle stunts.. That always crash
And if the police show up we’ll bribe them into helping us steal the light of love from the rainbow sluts that live next door
Yeah there should be unicorns
Ones with the purple eyes.. Not the green eyes..
At first there should be unicorns. The ones with the purple eyes not the ones with green eyes. Whatever they give them, they shit everywhere. And it would be great if the moon was almost down… in a very red/orange state… Let’s leave it like that for at least three hours… Hovering just above the horizon. And if the police show up we will give them so much money that they can retire from their shitty, violent jobs and live the greatest life they’ve ever lived. And we will be high. And the love generator will be turned up to its maximum. And we’ll get higher when, at last, the sun comes up in the morning and we will collapse under the weight of the ancient earth. And it will be inside me and it will be inside you… and it will be the end of the world and the beginning of a new love…

Wayne says:

It is meant to be a kind of ‘wish list’ that someone is reading off to a party planner.. ‘At first there should be unicorns..’ as if unicorns are something you can just order to have at your party.”

“We felt like maybe it needed an emotional hook in it and we put in the part that is now like a chorus ‘yeah there should be unicorns the ones with the purple eyes.. not the greeneyes,’ the lyrics implying that you can choose which unicorns you prefer.. the purple eyed ones or pink-eyed ones or green eyed ones.. Ha..And do I believe it just built from there and we couldn’t stop ourselves from turning it into a song..”

Sunrise (Eyes of the Young)

The sunrise insists on gladness..
But how can I be glad
Now my flower is dead
Oh, sun
I see you happy
You’ve made the morning dew
Now you’re showing me the truth but I don’t want to
believe you..
The sunbeams
Burnin’ my child dreams
The machine that brings me joy,
now it’s just a stupid toy
Oh, if I could
Go back and find you
I’d kiss your glowing head
And hear the things you said
And always believe you…
Oh, the sunset
Is fuckin’ with my head
Feels like a dying love in the eyes of the young
Tell me love is neither living or dying
It’s a power in your mind
I think it’s with you all the time
It only hurts when it leaves you.

Wayne says:

“The first verse of this song is the same as the Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz version. It’s in its original key (we made it a slightly higher register for Cyrus) and has the same melody and chords but with a radically different vibe.. the other verses are a kind of philosophical take on the struggle and acceptance of death, the death of love, the pain of living in the face of sadness.. but it is, I think, also about being in awe of beauty and power and just the weirdness of existing.. Ha..”

Nigdy Nie (Never No)

Never no no
No no no never
Never no no
No no no never
Forever ever yeah
Yeah yeah forever
Forever ever yeah
Yeah yeah forever
Na na na na na na

Watch Wayne explain how “Nigdy Nie (Never No)” and three other songs on the album came to have Polish titles:

Galaxy I Sink

I saw the universe in your giant Eye
I want to touch your mind hole and go inside
Last night
Last night
And when I look at you it’s like the sun
I understand how space and time begun
Last night
Last night
Your face I sink
In time I sink
And I will never reappear
Your love I sink
You’re everything I sink
The threat that you’ll disappear
And with the floating specs
In my tired eyes
I can see all dimensions of my life
How can the stars really know me now
When I fear their light will burn me up

One Night While Hunting for Faeries and Witches and Wizards to Kill

One night while hunting for fairies
and witches and wizards to kill
I came across a hole in a tree in the forest
I climbed inside the tree hole with small fear
and loaded my gun
I should have heeded that small fear
I walked towards the wizard’s cave shooting to
shoot out his wizard brains
With a wave of his hand he created a force field
My bullets all ricocheting, bouncing around his old cave
One of them shot through my temple
and severed my eyes
Blinded by my own gun I got up
and turned around to run
Stumbling and tripping I fell blooded on the ground
The wizard and fairies and witches all came with their
medicines to my side
They sprinkled some frog dust on my face
I saw death’s face, but somehow his bad grip let me go
I awoke in a strange room with new eyes and that’s
when I saw her

Do Glowy

Glowy Glowy glow
Let’s get together yeah
Glow glow glow glow
Glarey and glarey yeah
Doin’ it right, doin’ it like you care
Under the tree where the spider got in your hair
and I thought we should spend the night together..
Dewy dewy dew
Let’s get together yeah
Drip drip drippy glow
Glowy and drippy yeah
Dewing in it right, dewing it like you care
Runnin’ all night through the flowers that eat us there
and I thought we should spend the night together…
Thought we should spend the night together
Glowy Glowy Glowy Glowy Glowy Glowy glow…

“Do Glowy” is Polish for “head,” making this song one of four on the album with a Polish title – the others being “Oczy Mlody” (Eyes of the Young), “Nigdy Nie (Never No),” and “Almost Home (Blisko Domu).”

Listening to the Frogs with Demon Eyes

Glistening in the moonlight
Listening to the frogs
Hiding ourselves in the trees
Watching with demon eyes
Here we go again, here we go…
Have you ever seen someone die
in the summertime…??
Is that what your demon eyes see…??
Have you ever gone through the hole
in the night sky…??
I can’t see the moon though I know it’s there
I can’t see the end but I know it is there
I can’t see the sun but I feel it’s there
I can’t see your love but I know it is there..
I know it’s forbidden
We can squash the stars
New holes in the darkness
Darkness in the dark
Yeah here we go again
Here we go.
Have you ever seen someone die
in the summertime??
Is that what your demon eyes see..??

Wayne says:

The title ‘Listening To The Frogs With Demon Eyes’ goes back to 2012. I had posted on Instagram (maybe it was Twitter back then) of our little dog sitting by the creek in the park late one night. I had used the flash from my phone and so it gave the dog camera flash red eyes (so I said Demon Eyes). And.. we were actually listening to the frogs singing and croaking in the creek.”

The Castle

Spotify streamOfficial music video

Her eyes were butterflies..
Her smile was a rainbow
Her hair was sunbeam waves..
Shining round like a halo
Her face was a fairy tale.. that has a poison apple
Her skull was a mighty moat..
Her brain was the castle
And the castle gets mistaken for a ship
that is floating in the clouds
And the castle is brighter than a thousand Christmas trees
And the castle can never be rebuilt again… No way…
One day a strange storm rolled in
while she was riding on her dragon
The mushrooms and the bumble bees told the flowers how it happened
She was lost in the invisible war..
Fighting in the battle
Her love is still buried there in the ruins of the castle
And the castle oscillates to the beating heart of her mind
And the castle is taller than the northern lights
And the castle can never be rebuilt again…
No way…

Wayne says:

“An embarrassingly pure little song.. Ha.. I say embarrassing because as I wrote it (just a couple of lines, that didn’t end up in the song, and the one chorus line “and the castle can never be rebuilt again.. No way..” I was truly sad and I was singing and writing about this sad sad situation (a friend of ours had committed suicide) and felt like I was doing what a songwriter should do.. be real and let it flow.. Ha.. But the next day when I listened to it.. I thought it was really boring and approached the song as being about the person (who had killed themselves) instead of it (the song) being about me.. So yeah.. I’m embarrassed about that part.. But I think songs work like that.. They let you get something out.. And I think this delicate whimsical song really came to life as soon as I sang (into my phone .. It was the only recording device I had in that moment) the very first lines.. ‘Her eyes were butterflies her smile was a rainbow’.. I still heard it (the song) as being very very sad and so, to me, because I was convinced of its power (the power of this sadness.. which, I think, was just me being still sad about the real life situation) it allowed me to sing these utterly silly romantic lyrics as a way of masking something horrible and brutal and fucked up and unspeakable.. it’s a motherfucker.”

Almost Home (Blisko Domu)

Oh, we’re almost home
Oh, oh, almost home..
Oh, we’re almost home
The thought soon becomes the word
The word then becomes the deed
If the deed is evil blame the thought is the seed
Change the spark that makes the need
Did your mind invent your mind??
The insect crawls out on the leaf
The leaf falls into the fire
Burning up my fragile dream
of how the world is full of love.
It’s not what I thought it was.
Hurting us until we’re dust.. Us, us, us
The action needs its energy
It takes it from your hate and greed
Makes you scared there’s gonna be
a stranger grabbin’ you by the throat…
or is it someone that you know.
You fear revenge from those you’ve hurt…

Referring to a meme quote that, as explains, is “all over the web” falsely attributed to Buddha and others, Wayne says of the lyric to “Almost Home (Blisko Domu)” that he thinks he “saw a Buddha quote on Instagram and I just kept the parable going..”

We A Famly

It’s been a long cold winter
Feels like it’s been forever yeah…
We both travelin’…
I’m somewhere south of Wichita
You’re somewhere up there under the moon
I can’t see you
Flying along the engines hummin’
Jesus and the spaceships comin’ down
Oh and I just can’t imagine life
without you could ever happen now!!
It’s you and me..we a famly…
It’s been a long hot summer
I miss you, it’s a bummer yeah
We both travelin’
You’re somewhere south of Wichita
I’m up here somewhere under the moon
I can’t see you..
Flyin’ along the engines hummin’
Jesus and the spaceships comin’ down
Oh and I just can’t imagine life
without you ever happen now
It’s you and me… we a famly