HEAR Flaming Lips New Gummy Skull Album “The Soft Bulletin Live La Fantastique de Institution 2011” In Its Entirety

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Download video of the complete first night of The Flaming Lips’ string of 2011 dates performing The Soft Bulletin.  Better still, watch the same night here in a multi-camera production with top-notch audio – recorded and edited by Jim Charna (aka Lips Taper).  There’s also his four camera edit of The Soft Bulletin (with Derek “Drock” Dubuque) from New Year’s Eve (here).  You will not find fan-filmed Lips footage better than Jim’s…

Jim also taped the Hollywood Forever shows, though they are still be edited.  In the meantime, check-out the single camera Soft Bulletin footage here (download here).  Even pre-edit and with just one camera angle it’s better than any other footage currently online.  Don’t waste your time with YouTube clips (even if they are Pitchfork-endorsed).  Jim’s work is the real deal.

Follow updates on the best Soft Bulletin live footage at twitter/FutureHeartDay.  

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