Steven Drozd’s 10 Incredible LPs

“Steven’s Shoe Commercial” – above – is a classic!  Well, not really a “classic” – like say Houses of the Holy is a “classic” – it’s not even really a shoe commercial, but it is just as fun now as it was when The Flaming Lips created it during the September 1999 “Waitin For a Superman” video shoot.  It’s soundtracked by one of the standouts from Steven’s first-listed “incredible LP”, Led Zeppelin’s “The Song Remains the Same” – also covered by the band (with the help of nude fan dancers) in 2008…

Below are the original artists performing songs from Steven’s “10 incredible LPs”….

REM 1984, Old Grey Whistle Test: “Moon River/Pretty Persuasion” 

Guided By Voices 3/8/1994, Dayton, Ohio: “Gold Star For Robot Boy” 

Black Sabbath 9/15/1972, Hollywood Bowl, LA: “Wheels of Confusion” 

Belle and Sebastian 2001, Rio de Janeiro: “There’s Too Much Love” 

Pink Floyd 4/22/1977, Miami Baseball Stadium: “Pigs (Three Different Ones)”

The Rolling Stones 3/26/1971, The Marquee Club, London: “Live With Me”

Faust (2008?), Amersham Arms, London: “Krautrock”

Velvet Underground 1967, “Live at the Gymnasium” (bootleg): “Run, Run, Run”

… and we save the most mind-altering for last.  “Lord Can You Hear Me?” is the epic closing track of Spacemen 3’s 1989 LP, Playing With Fire (it was also covered by the Lips in a medley with “Silent Night” as a Christmas on Mars B-side).  This live version by Spacemen’s spin-off band, Spiritualized, takes it to yet another level…  
…ladies and gentleman, we are floating in space…

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