Wayne Coyne’s 2010 Favorites: Sleigh Bells and M.I.A.

Wayne Coyne to spin.com on his FAVORITE ALBUM of 2010:
“Sleigh Bells’ Treats
There are only a couple of really wicked albums that get me to say “Fuck! That’s cool!” but this is one of them. The music is so simple but very distorted. There are hundreds of bands trying to do a similar sound who probably just suck. It’s hard to say why I like this — it’s like saying, “Why do I like pizza? I just like the way it tastes.” Their sound is so simple. Why didn’t a million people think of this before?”

Wayne Coyne explaining “Born Free,” his favorite song of the year, to spin.com: “We played with her a couple times this summer and she’s just a complete fucking freak. You gotta love it. This song just reminds you how cool, how radical, she is.”

M.I.A. was in the headlines throughout 2010 – from collaborating with Sleigh Bells (then signing them to her label, NEET) to a string of controversies (is the “Born Free” video to extreme? is it just shock tactics? is she really a radical? or just a hypocrite? was tweeting Lynn Hirschberg’s phone number uncalled for? how does /\/\/\Y/\ hold up to her past work? is she crazy for suggesting google and Facebook were developed by the C.I.A. and are run by the government???)….

On Thursday, August 5, 2010 The Flaming Lips and M.I.A. both played the Sudoeste Festival at Zambujeira do Mar in southern Portugal.   Two nights later M.I.A. ended her set at the Big Chill Festival early – in breach of contract – after inviting the audience on stage and hundreds rushed at her.  The following Wednesday she released hthe ighly anticipated follow-up to her controversial “Born Free” video, XXXO (watch it at bottom)….

… 2010 was quite a year for MIA… and quite a year for The Flaming Lips.  Here’s a snapshot of a day they crisscrossed.


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