Christmas is for Flaming Freaks!

Throughout December 2010 videos with two (or more) seasonal songs were uploaded daily at . . .  without their titles:        Can you name the tunes??
It’s The Future Heart Songs of the Season Contest!

Contest #16 (below) is different from the previous contests – in several ways:

First, there’s a mix of seven tracks to figure out – not just two.  Second, for this contest a list of artists is provided along with a separate list of songs… but you have to identify the seven tracks to their song title and match it to its performer…

The reason it’s most different though is the songs themselves.  Although all the videos in the contest use lesser-known Christmas classics – ranging from the freshest, new, original holiday music you probably haven’t heard to long out of print nuggets – this edition is truly out there…

   … for it is in the true spirit of the season – as taught to us by the story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer – that Christmas is really about outsiders and freaks.  Even if you are an outcast with a red nose, that glows (like a lightbulb) – and even if all your peers “laugh and call you names” – you too can save the day.  In fact, it’s precisely because you are such a weirdo that are able to save Christmas.  Rudolph wasn’t “the most famous Reindeer of all” when Johnny Marks wrote a song in his honour – that lyric was a joke – but he sure is now!

You probably know Donna and Blitzen and maybe one or two others but do you recall all of them?  Even if yes, do you know anything about them… no! 

But you know all about Rudolph like you know all about Lady Gaga (even if you would rather not)! 

Why is Rudolph the one reindeer everybody knows by name?  Because he is a freak – and on that note, here are the artists heard in the video below:

Daniel Johnston
Wesley Willis
Klaus Nomi
Sonic Youth
The Fall
and Sonic Boom twice (once with Spectrum doing a song he previously recorded without them, once with Dean and Britta)

These songs are dedicated to all the weirdos, rejected unknowns, shaved gorillas, shiny-nosed flying freaks and otherwise outsiders.  Christmas is for you and these are your songs:
“Santa Claus”
“Merry Christmas”
“Silent Night”
“Rock Around the Christmas Tree”
“(We Wish You) A Protein Christmas”
“Santa Doesn’t Cop Out on Dope”

Can you match these titles to the songs heard in the video above and the artists performing them? If so submit answers in the comment section.  If not, here’s a consolation video by another outsider, Jan Terri’s “Rock And Roll Santa”.

Like these tunes?  Check out other contest videos at, follow and let this playlist be your soundtrack for the holidays (featuring performances like this one, from Tom Waits – though his 2011 induction into the Rock and Roll of Fame may null him from outsider status) 

This post is dedicated to Captain Beefheart. RIP

January 15, 1941 –  December 17, 2010

“There Ain’t No Santa Claus on the Evenin’ Stage”

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