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Dear Instagram,
As fans of Wayne Coyne we are asking his suspended Instagram account be restored with the offending photos removed.  We request his account be treated the same as other celebrities who have posted photos violating your terms of use yet remain active (i.e. Tyler, the Creator, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Chrissy Teigen, Heidi Klum, Miranda Kerr).   While we understand the terms of use prohibits “nude, partially nude, or sexually suggestive photos,” by closing his account you are not punishing Wayne but rather, us, his fans.  The vast majority of his 1227 posts are concert photos, behind the scenes images of his band’s projects, shots with other musicians, rock posters, art, and playful selfies in good standing with your policies.  Wayne also frequently uses his account to bring attention to struggling artists and musicians.  Banning his account does not stop Wayne from posting more photos (under a different user name), it only prohibits fans from seeing past posts we value and fellow artists from the exposure Wayne has tried to bring them.  Many of us have joined Instagram primarily to follow him and will close our accounts if‎ is not restored.
Thank You

Further details on the circumstances leading up to the ban is here. To sign this petition, leave a brief comment below. For accountability, on the “name” line leave your Instagram username, another social media username, such as facebook, or your full name. Link to your Instagram (or personal website, facebook, twitter or other social media account) on the “website” line.

210 responses to “Petition to Instagram – Restore‎

  1. Even US law makes exceptions for nudity when it’s for the sake of art. If that is why he was removed as a user, perhaps consider the singularity of his case first. @bridgetriley

  2. I knew instagram only wanted to make people make believe they were artists, oh wait… those are just iphone’s and filters… So lets kick off the real artists… Good job instagram, please restore the account or I’m out. -funkyfitfaith

  3. Aside from maybe posting occasional suggestive pictures, Wayne uses this account to help out other struggling artists and musicians by keeping everyone updated on who he’s working with etc. All of his posts come only from a place of love and it makes no sense that you can’t just remove the one offensive photo, especially if you’ve given other artists said privilege. To remove his whole account seems like a move to inhibit a community of artists, rather than slap a man on the wrist..


  4. My instagram account exists to follow Wayne. Most of the photos I have liked since making my account have been his. Instagram isn’t punishing Wayne, who can make a new account–they are punishing us.

  5. Boo! Bring it back — it makes no sense to block it for a painting of a woman. That’s been a subject of great art for ages!

  6. This seems over the top! Just delete the offending photo(s), I simply can’t fathom that the ratio of offensive photos to non-offensive (awesome) photos is severe enough to warrant shutting down the entire account! This is outrageous!

  7. While Mr. Coyne may post some truly odd things, he is a friend to everyone and treats all of his followers like family. That type of behavior is sincerely admirable seeing that there are so few positive role models out there. I know that there are rules but it’s art and if you find it to be obscene, you simply do not have to view it. As a man of art and the law, I would strongly look into the case of The People of the state of California Vs. Lawrence Ferlinghetti, or simply the ‘Howl’ obscenity case.
    Thank you,
    Tanner Jones

  8. The picture was of a mannequin spewing money from her “area.” I’ve seen worse on IG. DO THE RIGHT THING, it’s tough to do IG, but YOU CAN DO IT!!! Restore all of Wayne’s pictures please. Thank you.

  9. Decisions that silently condemn individuals the right to be themselves create societies with people that fear their own potential. A company as large as instagram would review such large profile account. Considering the obvious unprovocative & well meaning nature of Wayne Coyne’s account, this action says to me that instragram seeks a create a more secular customer base. By being in position of control of creativity & expression that effects so many people, it creates a restriction of expression that inadvertently creates a society that are cannot express themselves as they are always restricted.

  10. Wayne’s account did absolutely nothing to harm, only bring light to the world. There’s no reason for that kind of censorship.

  11. This wonderful man has changed lives around the world with his art and music, please stop the censorship of art. Not only the art, but all the valuable photos that will be part of history.

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  14. Wayne Coyne’s account is a record, and maybe an artifact, itself, of the work of an artist whose work has influenced both mainstream and counter-culture art and music. It’s a shame to have lost the entire record; why not censor any offending individual images, instead? Please restore Wayne’s account! Instagram ID: anthonyhepp

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  16. “Art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed” — I’m sorry you were disturbed, Instagram – But, bring back one of the few Instagram accounts that actually possessed artistic worth!!!

  17. What Mr. Coyne does is art. He is an artist & his posts should be treated as art. Period. No, make that a couple of exclamation points!! Please re-instate his account immediately.

  18. there is no place for artistic censorship in a free society. especially when the artist in question is wayne coyne.. bring back wayne’s amazing images.

  19. Its art, please let them do what they do, its not overly pornographic and its not depicting underage sex, if its for the kids sake, they see more on MTV than The Flaming lips will ever show you.

  20. art…..Wayne….music….Flaming Lips……kick ass photos…….all things that need to be brought back to instagram!!!!!
    keep it real…..keep it raw….keep it artistic……this evil should not prevail!!!!

  21. There’s a clear difference between a suggestive, controversial or morally doubtful image and an image taken with the will to offend. Mr. Coyne’s are definetly the first.

  22. Bring him back or I will leave Instagram. I give you one week to allow Wayne to return. Sheer stupidity as an adult @ 59 I have never been offeneded by art. Just cannot believe this!

  23. Freedom of press has been blatantly enfriged upon in the case of Wayne Coyne. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it.

  24. Please restore @WAYNECOYNE s Instagram.
    Please give artists a space to create. Instagram is what sets the bar of social networking in the vain of creativity.
    Fix your heads with Love, Compassion and ART.

  25. Having been banned from Adsense and deleted from YouTube I sympathize. Bring Wayne back! He promises to behave!
    = )

  26. Restore it. At least his shit is interesting, unlike the majority of the celebs that clog your bandwidth. I mean, does the world really need yet another Kim Kardashian selfie? One was too many.

  27. Really? These are just photos and you have the right to not look at them and Wayne Coyne has just as much right to post his photos in a public forum. He posts some of the most interesting photos on IG, unlike most people

  28. Wayne along with anyone who has expressed there art in what is considered “Obscene” should have there accounts returned.

  29. Expression is a part of art be that death, sex or just pretty little flowers going nowhere! sex is something we shouldn’t be ashamed of or be made at fault for drawing and painting! its creation and lifeforms its nature and freedom! we should be constrained to be a certain type of bring back his instagram

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  31. C’mon……. Give Mr Coyne’s Instagram account back to him & the people who adore this mans ingenious & humble view of this mad world we live in….. He has given us all so much joy & inspiration, simply remove the offending content & allow all those amazing images be available for the world to see once again!!!! :)

  32. Ridiculous. There are way worse things on instagram than the ART wayne posts. You guys should reconsider this decision.

  33. Please restore Wayne Coyne’s Instagram. He was and is largely responsible for why I even look at Instagram anymore. His innovative use of Instagram to interact with fans and daily photos of the bizarre and mundane are what Instagram should celebrate not penalize.

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  35. This is an extraordinary decision! Please restore Wayne Coyne’s Instagram account, and once again make his photos available to his may fans.

  36. now that you have awarded wayne the”official Artist badge” thru your censorship….can we please have his non issue pix back so we can enjoy the art. thnx

  37. Wayne’s Instagram is a true inspiration to so many of us, it’s a shame that this has happened, especially when others do worse but still remain open.

  38. please restore Wayne’s account so my friends and i can continue to gain inspiration from him and the wonderful artists he posts about….it makes no sense at all to let this stand when many other accounts are much worse and can rarely even be considered art

  39. Restore it, please. As a music photographer who has had the pleasure of photographing Wayne Coyne and his band, I respect and know how rare and special these photos are, now and for the preservation of their legacy. Please, restore this account. The history of rock ‘n’ roll will thank you. You’re not doing any good by closing it.

  40. @instagram @WayneCoyne So much can be said about “what is art?” This is censorship of art. Wayne Coyne has a unique style, appreciated by his fans. Please restore his art!!!

  41. Everyone has an opinion on whats acceptable, but what’s important are intentions. I believe Wayne’s intentions are simply to share beauty with the world through his talented eyes. Nothing wrong with that! Please restore.

  42. Please restore Wayne Coyne’s original Instagram page – for lovers of art worldwide it is a tragedy to lose this archive.

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  44. Fuck Censorship!IN facebook there are photos much more negative than Wayne’s photos!Do not censor him,he’s making art!

  45. If Wayne’s instagram isn’t back up by October 1st i’m deleting my instagram accounts (yes I have two.)

  46. If you do not like his photos, please do not view them. Some of is actually enjoy looking at his life through photos he has taken.

  47. There really is no question that Wayne’s account should be restored. There was no abuse, nothing scandalous, nothing offensive. He is an artist and should be allowed to continue sharing his vision of the world with those who are interested in following him.

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