DVR Alert

The Flaming Lips were on Charmed November 19, 2002, (season 5, episode 9, “Sam I Am”) and it’s set to repeat July 26th on the Women’s Entertainment channel (WE) at 6:00 PM (check local listings).

Here’s what you can expect: “The elders give Paige her first assignment as a Whitelighter. Cole gets a proposition from two ethereal beings who are neither good nor evil. The Flaming Lips perform in the episode.” If that doesn’t excite you, don’t worry, the Lips are only on for the first few minutes of the episode… you don’t have to watch the whole show!

In fact, you can watch their entire cameo at the top of this post and forget about the TV.  But, if you are so inclined, be aware every few months it repeats on TNT as well (i.e.  Tues, December 14, 2010 at 9:00 AM, Tue, Aug 10, 9:00 AM).

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