Lil Uzi Vert Record Store Day 2018 Colored Vinyl Confirmed

Two Lil Uzi Vert mix tapes will be available as LPs for the first time April 21, 2018 for Record Store Day. Atlantic will press 2200 copies each of Luv is Rage on yellow vinyl and The Perfect LUV Tape on purple vinyl. The tracklists and full streams of both are below. The complete, updated list of Record Store Day releases is here. A guide to hip-hop releases out Record Store Day is here.

The Perfect Luv Tape

Side A
1 Do What I Want
2 Of Course We Ghetto Flowers (feat. Playboi Carti & Offset)
3 Original Uzi (4 Of Us)
4 Money Mitch
5 SideLine Watching (Hold Up)

Side B
1 I Can Drive
2 You’re Lost
3 Erase Your Social
4 Ronda (Winners)
5 Seven Million (feat. Future)

Luv Is Rage

Side A
1 Safe House
2 Banned From TV
3 Super Saiyan
4 7am
5 Yamborghini Dream (feat. Young Thug)
6 Right Now

Side B
1 Top
2 All My Chains
3 Belly
4 Enemies
5 Ballin
6 Paradise

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